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Hi, my video is not looping even though I have that box checked in the video interactive widget.  Is there something I'm doing wrong?

Thanks for your help
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I tried putting the video on a separate doc and exporting, and the looping worked perfectly. On the document where I want to use the video, there are four buttons set up to navigate to different pages. Is that the problem I wonder?
Could you send over the InDesign and supporting files for us to take a look?
Sorry, wish I could but that would be against company policy. I was thinking maybe I could see if it works alone on a separate page in the document, then rebuild everything on top of it (it's meant to be the background for my headline and buttons).
Are you able to replicate the issue using text/images/videos that are not sensitive or confidential? Yes, if you can isolate the issue, we can at least narrow down what the cause might be.
Thanks egamet--I am rebuilding the document with dummy copy, so far so good. I started a separate thread with some error messages I was getting, I probably should have uploaded them here. I'm not seeing those errors with this new doc I am building.

Thanks again
Hi egamet--I'm still having the issue. I made a new version with dummy copy--how do I get it to you?
You can provide us a dropbox link or use a file transfer service like WeTransfer. Use support@ajarproductions to notify us (don't post the link here).

We also have the same bug.Were you able to fix it?

You know, recreating the document from scratch made it work for me and I never looked back :)

It seemed to me that part of my problem could have been that I brought the video into an existing box that had a fill instead of bringing it in as a new element on the page. I'll go back to my problematic file to see if that's still an issue.
Thanks! We will try first differents methods to import to see if it fixes, and then, if its still not working, make from scratch. Thanks!

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It sounds like re-placing the video from scratch and applying the settings fixed the initial issue.
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