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The merge script works great for taking a print layout InDesign file and prepping it for html5 export, however it is causing me serious workflow issues. I utilize the same InDesign file for both brochure print and interactive touchscreen export. (Many of the same pages in print brochures and html5 export are shared). The inability to quickly shift the same file back and forth between print spreads and html5 merged pages is causing serious workflow issues. Changes are invariably made in the merged file that must be copied back to the spread file, and small changes often get missed and lost during the next merge script overwrite. Is there any way you can do a script to quickly split the pages in half into spreads again? That way users can continue to bounce back and forth as needed, but always be working in a single document.
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Sorry, but there are re-working steps you'd have to do after each conversion if there was a reverse script. I'm not sure it would save you time.

You could use placed text (or even placed .indd files). When you update that link, it would automatically update in both the original and merged file.
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Neither option looks like it will work. Need to sync layouts / graphics / images, need embedded fonts for printers (not just an image of the indd file), as well as live updating links for text and tables...

What about using "Master Pages" to live link between the digital (tabloid pages) and the print ready (dual portrait spread) pages? I am already going to be using Master Pages as the basis for most of the print export, so I could base the new "print" Master Pages on the "digital" Master Pages that I use for design / updating. I am going to have a ton of Master Pages and a massive working file, but seems like it might work.
The only issue is the master pages would be different sizes between the two documents. I think you can link to live text and have it update.