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Is there an updated Split Text script for current InDesign (2024)? I have the old zip file but it doesn't look like it's compatible.

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Hi Mike,

Split Text works with InDesign 2024. Try closing InDesign before installing it and check that you're running InDesign as adminisrator:

Here is information on how to run InDesign as administrator on macOS:

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I am running as an admin, but unfortunately this is the error I get every time:

"No compatible versions of InDesign found."

I can send a screenshot if you let me know where to put it.


Okay, so I was able to pull the .jsxbin file from an older copy of InDesign's Scripts panel and copy it to the Ajar Scripts panel in InDesign 2024. The installer just doesn't work anymore.

The installer worked for me. Are you on macOS? You may have the setting to not allow installation from non-Apple developer selected.

For anyone with the same issue, it may be due to InDesign being installed in a non-standard location. If this is the case, then you can try using one of the following non-Adobe-built Extension Managers to install the .zxp file (in the assets directory).