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Hi all, I have been banging my head against the wall on this for hours. Client wants an arrow to track round a running track-like ellipse, but as the arrow needs to rotate when tracking around the bends one cannot use a single arrow and motion Path as Indesign doesn't have an Auto Orient setting like After Effects. So I created 4 x sequential animations of the arrow with the bends and straights as separate motion paths and setting the arrow to rotate 180 degrees on the 2 x bends. Thought I was ever so smart getting around this and was pleased as punch when my swf preview confirmed that this should work. But... on export and viewing in a browser, the arrowhead goes all wonky around the bend and only rotates at the very end, as well as jumping off the path momentarily. Any ideas on a solution fellow in5 Pros? Here is a hosted export which shows the issue as well as a screen recording of the same file but working in swf preview. I have also packaged up the Indd file if you want to take a look at how I have set it up.
I am working on a Mac Pro, Mojave OS in the latest version on Indd 2019 as I am a cloud member.

Link to faulty tracking arrow

Link to packaged Indd Artwork

And finally link to screen recording of swf preview where is seems to work

Any assistance massively appreciated
Thanks all!

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Hi Evan,

Sorry for the delayed answer. Orienting to path is a manual process at this point and difficult to accomplish. I'm working on making a feature that will do this for you in a future version.

For now, it's probably easiest to make the animation in Adobe Animation, export to OAM, then place in InDesign.
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