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For example:


In this case, change english to portuguese.


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Yes, you can modify the following code and attach it as a .js file in the Resources section of the in5 export dialog:

		$elem = $(elem);
			case 'Go to Table of Contents': $elem.attr('title','new TOC name'); break;
			case 'Toggle page thumbnails': $elem.attr('title','new thumbnail name'); break;
			case 'Zoom in': $elem.attr('title','new zoom in name'); break;
			case 'Zoom out': $elem.attr('title','new out name'); break;
			case 'Toggle fullscreen': $elem.attr('title','new fullscreen name'); break;
			case 'Download PDF version': $elem.attr('title','new pdf name'); break;
			case 'Built with in5': $elem.attr('title','new in5 message'); break;

It will rewrite the title attribute(s), which is what is shown on rollover.

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This doesn't seem to override the button rollovers, however I have confirmed it is including the correct content in the in5.config.js file. Does something need to be adjusted to work in the latest version of in5?
I think it's probably better when you attach this file that you don't select 'append' (so that it's not in the in5.config.js file) because this code should then get loaded after the viewer display code.

This code should still be relevant to the current version. If you find it's not working, you can share the zipped output with us via Dropbox (or similar) and we can investigate: https://ajarproductions.com/pages/contact.php?category=in5&software_issue=bug