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Greetings. Is Liquid Layout using inDesign the only way to get default full screen viewing for web?

Not really sure how to deal with resolution differences for viewers. I have concentrated on horizontal slide for appearance but appears so small on screen. Looking for an interactive PDF choice of going full screen. And a work around as I am using inDesign CS5.  Thanks in advance.

WinXP / inDesign CS5 / in5 1.3
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You can also use the Device Viewport Zoom setting to scaled the output to the device. More info:

We're also considering the possibility of a full screen button in the future.

Update: Full screen is available in the Viewer Display Control Frame.

You can also use Desktop Scaling to scale on Desktop (and Mobile). More info:

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Hi Justin, we need a full screen option that fits/scales each page to the screen as part of export. A full screen option button should be integrated with flexibility so that designers can match it with their magazine design not an in5 button that might not match the look and feel of the magazine. You know...

Continuous scrolling that scales the height to the screen height will be better appreciated.
There is a Zoom to Page Width option. That might be what you're looking for.