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I produce Membership directories. The last page of my document always displays the membership listing search and the results from that search in an iframe on that page. A button on the viewer bar that takes them to this page would be great. Is this something that I can just add some code in the resource section or will I just need to include a button on every page of the document that links to the last page?
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Can you use the Jump to TOC button that's available with the Viewer Display?
Well, we already do use it for the TOC. You were right to add jump to TOC in the first place a very nice feature. Not so sure we would want to give it up. For the button I need, it is ALWAYS linked to the last page of the document. So I don't need to tell it what page from document to document...

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There is not a way to add a custom button to the Viewer Display control frame at this time.

I'll consider it for the future.

For now, putting a button a masterpage would probably be the best route.
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I am looking forward to seeing this capability in future versions. Keep up the great work! This is becoming some really great software.