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I working on a project that requires a search field for end-users.

This search tool must be available online AND offline (USB key) AND must be the same in both case.

I read this topic: https://ajarproductions.com/pages/products/in5/answers/3856/add-a-search-field

And moreover I found this tool: http://www.be-precision.com/products/jssitesearch/webhelp/en/index.htm


Did someone experienced embedding such a search tool in an InDesign + in5 project?

Can someone point me to tutos or samples?


Thank you.
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The simplest way to add search capabilities would be to using the Continuous Scroll Page format, HTML text rending, and use the CMD+F/Ctrl+F search capabilities of the browser.

Alternatively, you can add your own search capability by extending your output: Extending Functionality with External Resources

I would recommend using a JQuery plugin to save time. You could search all nodes, then look for the parent page (e.g., parents('.page') in jQuery) and if clicked, navigate to that page using the nav.to() function.

However, the first solution above is much simpler.

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In fact this question is from one of my training attendee, but unfortunaly the first solution is not possible. It's a fixed-layout 128 pages product catalog.
Second solution is not possible too since they do not want to embed some JavaScript nor any "not-secure" technology…

Thank you for your time.
Ok. Then you'd need to implement some kind of server-side solution and distribute the offline copy with a server (like Flying Ant or the one you linked to).