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I'm creating an inspection report for rentals. We'll be using iPads to conduct the inspections. I want the "clean?" boxes to switch between Y and N when tapped on. Right now I have it set up where layer 1 has an N and I put a button on top with a white fill and black Y. I have the following settings for the button:

Event: On Release or Tap

Show/Hide Buttons and Forms

Visibility: eye with red slash across on Button 1 (the button I want to appear and disappear)

It disappears/hides when tapped on (perfect! just the way I want it) but then I can't tap on it again to have it reappear. When I add another Show/Hide action it stops disappearing at all. How can I get this to work?? Is there any other way to do this? I'm NOT knowledgeable or savvy with Id/PDF design.
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Yes, there is another way to do this.

The button won't respond to events when it's completely hidden.

Instead of putting the content in a button, put it in a Multi-State Object (MSO) using the Object States panel.

You can then use an invisible button (rectangle with no fill or stroke) on top to trigger the next state of the two-state MSO.

More on creating MSOs:

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