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I embedded several graphs from Google Sheets into my document (for its interactive rollover content). In inDesign, I created a rectangle, made it a Web Content Overlay, and pointed it to the embedded .htm file created through Google Sheets.

The content appears and functions fine in the browser, but each Web Content Overlay area has horizontal and vertical scrolling (despite being sized to the same size as the iFrame from Google). If I oversize the Web Content Overlay box, I can get the scrolling to disappear, but then face additional layout issues.

How can I size the Web Content Overlay in inDesign so there isn't any scrolling in my final document? Is there padding built into the web overlay box from inDesign, or is it something happening in IN5? Can I disable the scrolling?
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Update: You should now be able to control the scrolling (overflow) using the Web Content Widget (in5 > Interactive Widgets > Web Content).

You can target the iframe and change the overflow property by attaching something like the following as a .css file using the Resources section of the in5 dialog.

iframe { overflow:hidden; }

You can get more specific and give the rectangle an Object Style, then target by CSS class name.

Feel free to send me a URL if applying the generic code above doesn't work for you.

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