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Can you simulate baker navigation?, I mean, Articles swipe horizontally and pages inside an article, swipe vertically (not using smooth scrooling)
related to an answer for: Continuous scrolling chapters in Baker
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The closest way to simulate this is to use the Horizontal Slider Page Format with tall pages (as chapters).
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Hi Justin,

we are also looking for this. Because, if we mix different technologies, we would like to retain the look & feel. Therefore the closer the in5 export is to DPS, the better.

We just discovered fullPages.js:

Isn't there a way to integrate this in in5? Do you think, you could help with an JS to attach, as you did here?


Hi Toni, seems unlikely at this point.
Hello justin, is the horizontal slider page format with tall pages still the only way to accomplish microsistemas's issue? This is the exact thing I would need in5 to accomplish for me. I think mag plus uses the same type of work-around, but it's not ideal. The loss of DPS single-edition has been a pain, but in5 seems to be a better overall solution than DPS ever was!
Yes, Futabo. Horizontal Slider + Tall Pages is probably the way to go.