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I'm not seeing anywhere in the features list the support for MSOs, which is the most requested feature of the swfs we create out of InDesign.
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This is other great improvements. Slideshows.

I believe that the full power to in5 is produce all features of DPS (Overlay Creator)

About scroll text I have some bug that I will send in another post



What would you like to do with MSOs?
The usual stuff mostly, slideshows what have you. However it would be interesting to see how elaborate we could get with the MSOs such as having movies and various animations embedded in each slide
I hear you, Charles. Specific requests help us prioritize which features people are using most, and thus where to put our energy first. For example, I added the Scrolling Text frame as the first supported Overlay because several people requested it.
Cool. So I guess the answer to my original question is not "no" but "not yet"?
Yes, "not yet."
To help you prioritizing, Justin, I too cast my vote for MSOs as one of the next features.
Thanks, Mahony. How do you guys typically use MSOs in your output? The states appear based on another button?
Typically as slide shows controlled from buttons either inside or out of the MSO. That said sometimes these slide shows are considerably more elaborate than just having a stack of images. Often we might have a video on one 'slide' or each slide consists of multiple images each with their own  animation which I assume we could achieve through Edge Animate integration.
The other most common way we use MSOs is to have multiple 2-state MSOs on a map, each with a blank 'null' state consisting of a rectangle without a stroke or fill and a state that has information like info pertaining to a chart or map. On these the states all have their null state as the initial state so upon loading none of the MSOs are showing. Then as spots on the map are rolled over the appropriate MSO switches to the information state and then back to the null state upon roll off.
Interesting. Thanks for elaborating, Charles!
Slideshows (and all Overlays are currently supported).

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