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This is a how-to for those who want the lightbox to fill the entire screen (instead of the default 80%);
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Is there a way to make the lightbox just fit the source image ? This works with thumbnail references but not when linking to an outside image. thanks.

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Paste the following code into a .js file and attach using the Resources section in the in5 dialog:

if($.colorbox) {
        $('.lightbox').filter(':not([href*=lightbox\\=0])').colorbox({iframe:true, width:"100%", height:"100%"});
        $('svg .lightbox').on(clickEv, function(){
            $.colorbox({iframe:true, width:"100%", height:"100%", href:$(this).attr('xlink:href')});
            return false;
        $('.thumb').colorbox({maxWidth:"100%", maxHeight:"100%"});

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Hi i tryed this, but now ?lightbox=0 have no effect...
I've modified the code in the answer above to account for ?lightbox=0.
Great thanks!  :)