These Guides Can Help You Get Published

in5 Convince Your Boss guide cover

Need help convincing your boss about in5?

This guide will help you address your boss' concerns so that you can start creating digital content with InDesign & in5.

indesign ux design patterns guide cover

Build the cool stuff that wows other designers

The InDesign UX Design Patterns guide will help you design common User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) with InDesign.

digital publishing technology guide cover

Be the smartest digital publisher in the room

The Digital Publishing Technology Guide will help you make the best decisions for your digital publications.

dps (aem mobile) to in5 transition guide

Get back to publishing apps with InDesign

The DPS to in5 Transition Guide will get you up and running quickly with a low-cost, powerful alternative to DPS (AEM Mobile).

in5 elite and enterprise success guide

Get to know the top-tier plans

Find out how your company can benefit from our best plans to create digital content from InDesign.