in5 (v3) Changelog

Shows changes between versions and has links to select (stable) previous versions.

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Release date: 2024-05-16

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixes activation issues on Mac.


Release date: 2024-03-07

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed shifting of master/parent page items in the Merge Spreads script.
* Fixed issue with autogenerating hyperlinks causing an error.
* Fixed issue with JPG and PNG suffixes in InDesign breaking page thumbnail names and causing missing thumbnails.


Release date: 2023-11-01

Updates/fixes include:
* Removed in5 footer link for Google Ad output to pass validation.
* Fixed issue where PSDs and Tiffs render at 72ppi regardless of image settings.


Release date: 2023-10-16

Updates/fixes include:
* Updated installer for InDesign 2024.
* Fixed PSDs ended up in output when Use Source Image is selected.
* Fixed issue with missing image when an image frame has text on a path.
* Fixed rotation issue on the gallop animation preset and potentially other types of rotation.


Release date: 2023-08-16

Updates/fixes include:
* Updated references from master pages to parent pages in Menu Builder for newer versions of InDesign.
* Fixed error when trying to embed complex SVG images.
* Fixed issue with bottom line weight of paragraph border.
* Fixed styling of merged table cells when text rendering is set to SVG.
* Fixed Viewer Display Zoom broken in v3.8.13.


Release date: 2023-06-24

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed issue with ampersands in Hyperlink text.
* Fixed issue with text as images within footnotes.
* Fixed issue with relative links in a scaled, scrolling document not working properly on load.
* Added support for the new HSB color space.


Release date: 2023-03-16

Updates/fixes include:
* Added support for WEBP image format.
* Fixed issue with video controls in iOS that are configured to not appear.
* Fixed issue with Hyperlinks in Footnotes.
* Updated Add to Home screen text to remove arrows and changed text from top bar to tool bar to adjust to browser and device changes.


Release date: 2022-10-18

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed javascript-based links on iOS platforms.
* Fixed issue caused by greater than and less than appearing in ALT text.
* Fixed issue related to inline tables and the SVG export.
* Updated installer for InDesign 2023.


Release date: 2022-08-31

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed issue with page size.
* Fixed overset text issue with long tables.
* Fixed issue with anchored ghost items generating errors.
* Fixed thumbnails opening in new window instead of lightbox on iOS.
* Updated Service Worker caching to automatically include the index file.


Release date: 2022-07-27

Updates/fixes include:
* Updated items with aria-role to role.
* Updated Service Worker caching to only update when content has been updated, similar to old Application Cache functionality.
* Fixed Null is Not an Object error related to Bookmarks that have no Destination.
* Fixed Pan and Zoom inside of an MSO state that starts hidden.
* Fixed ability to prevent pausing of media.


Release date: 2022-06-02

Updates/fixes include:
* Updated Pan and Zoom to zoom into double-tap location.
* Updated Alt Text application to apply Alt Text to live text frames if a scriptLabel or manual Alt Text is set.
* Updated Alt Text to include punctuation.
* Updated some default ARIA-roles to pass AXE standards.
* in5 now automatically unlinks inCopy stories in temporary export document to prevent errors. Does not affect original InDesign document.
* Remove non-breaking space that gets applied to empty textareas.
* Fixed Mobile Article Explorer not exporting.


Release date: 2022-04-18

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed error related to containerBounds.
* Fixed misc image optimization error.
* Fixed full screen page jump issue.
* Fixed SVG gradient error which displayed message about removeOffsets not being a function.
* Updated Viewer Display zoom centering.
* Update Pan and Zoom centering after zooming.


Release date: 2022-03-18

Updates/fixes include:
* Added ability to render content frames with embedded HTML inside to be rendered with drop shadows.
* Fixed browser error related to slide builds.
* Fixed misc error due to server-side code minification.
* Fixed issue with top and left padding around fixed position MSO introduced in v3.8.
* Fixed misc issue with pipe character and viewer display PDF file name on certain systems.


Release date: 2022-02-22

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed issue with incorrect fixed item positioning.
* Fixed issue with audio not toggling on poster image click.
* Fixed error with Menu Builder when default InDesign appearance settings include a very large stroke.


Release date: 2022-02-17

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed error related to autoplaying audio.
* Fixed issue related to rendering of gradients within text.
* Fixed missing Web Content related to v3.8.0 update.


Release date: 2022-02-14

Updates/fixes include:
* Added new icon support for Safari as it no longer supports the cross browser favicon tag.
* Fixed JavaScript error with stack of animation events after removal of eval() in v3.8.1.
* Fixed issue with service worker caching in Web Apps.


Release date: 2022-02-07

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed misc error related to 3D flip cards with animation.
* Fixed parallax backgrounds from 3.8 update.


Release date: 2022-02-03

Updates/fixes include:
* Replaced eval() statements in JavaScript output to improve security.
* Added code to stop iframe videos within MSOs on state change inside of fixed position elements.
* Fixed OAM error introduced in 3.8.0.
* Fixed issue with alt text not updating in Accessibility panel on certain InDesign versions on Macs.
* Fixed issue with meta description text not being updated on certain InDesign versions on Macs.


Release date: 2022-01-28

Updates/fixes include:
* Added the Accessibility widget.
* Added initial support of footnotes.
* Added automatic alt text labeling for audio and video tags.
* Added automatic application of aria-hidden to non-active pages and layouts to hide them from the screen reader until active, including in flipbooks.
* Added automatic application of aria-hidden to non-active MSO states.
* Added screen reader labels to default navigational elements.
* Added ability to keyboard focus MSOs with button actions.
* Added alt and role attributes to slideshow images.
* Update image optimization libraries to support M1 Apple silicon machines.
* Updated caching to use a service worker instead of the older Application Cache.
* Updated the Mobile Article Explorer for accessibility so that it could be accessed with keyboard navigation.
* Updated Viewer Display bar to a footer element for screen readers.
* Updated application of alternate text to use aria-label on elements that do not support the alt attribute, such as buttons.
* Updated audio and video poster images to have HTML role value of presentation, so that they are automatically skipped by screen readers.
* Updated automatic alt text so that it is not apply to items with live text.
* Updated 3D Flip Card to be keyboard accessible.
* Fixed positioning of items crossing spread pages on master pages.
* Fixed issue with local viewing of SVG text containing links.
* Fixed animation not resetting to hidden at start on button action.
* Fixed animation hidden at start on page load.
* Fixed issue with animated text frames in spreads rendered as images with hyperlinks inside.

3.7.18 (download)

Release date: 2022-01-04

Updates/fixes include:
* Updated TextFrames with complex gradients to render as images regardless of text setting to keep appearance.
* Fixed text color fills that extend too far in SVG output.
* Fixed thumbnail order for RTL documents in viewer display.
* Fixed issues with parallax background scrolling on Safari when Desktop Scaling is applied.
* Fixed issue with header rows and borders of tables not appearing when text frames are threaded.


Release date: 2021-11-10

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed issue with HD rendered images not scaling properly inside of scrolling frames.
* Fixed issue with navigation point button actions not working properly.
* Fixed issue with 3D Flip Card content disappearing due to a change in a Google Chrome update.
* Fixed audio controls that should be hidden on iOS.
* Fixed issue with SVG appearing differently remotely vs. locally.
* Fixed issue where MSO reset shows content that should be hidden by an animation property.
* Fixed display of slideshow images which were distorted in the Liquid Page Format.

3.7.16 (download)

Release date: 2021-10-22

Updates/fixes include:
* Updated installer for InDesign 2022.
* Updated Media Player to use Native iPhone controls to fix flipbook playback on iPhones.
* Fixed automatic page number issue across threaded frames and inline tables when rendering text as images.
* Fixed issue mistakenly limiting Enhanced Optimization features on a Gold plan.
* Fixed export error with SVG text related to Paragraph Shading that is applied but has no Fill Color.

3.7.15 (download)

Release date: 2021-08-16

Updates/fixes include:
* Added an automatic reload for GIFs in Object States so that animated GIFs play from the state when a new state is shown.
* Fixed issue with duplicate anchor items appearing in live text before a tab character.


Release date: 2021-07-14

Updates/fixes include:
* Updated Presentation Mode Click Next navigation to not navigate when videos are clicked to reveal controls. Only applies to videos that have control skins.
* Updated code to ensure that no extra elements appear on Web App instruction screens.
* Fixed issue with hide start items not being hidden to start.
* Fixed issue in InDesign 2020 where controller skin setting from Video widget panel is not correct in the output.
* Fixed issue with reloading of last slide in a non-looping autoplay presentation.
* Fixed issue with autoplaying media when multiple media are in MSOs on multiple pages.
* Fixed issue with behavior of multiple Pan and Zooms on separate Flipbook spreads.


Release date: 2021-06-15

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed error related to anchored buttons.
* Fixed issue with Firefox 88 and higher where flipbook page peel effect malfunctions.


Release date: 2021-05-28

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed freezing issue on Mac when pasting text into the Description field that exceeds the maximum allowed characters.
* Fixed issue with in5api.getExportPreset that causes error.


Release date: 2021-04-23

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed critical issue from previous update where media with object states does not play or stop on state change.


Release date: 2021-04-15

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed issue with page numbers in cross references.
* Fixed misc issue with items in running headers.
* Fixed misc JavaScript error in in5.config.js file.
* Fixed misc issue with missing spaces in live text.
* Fixed issue with image sequences not playing in previous update.
* Fixed misc issue with certain types of animation that weren’t playing.


Release date: 2021-04-05

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed flipbook responsive behavior starting on spread.
* Fixed misc issues with Pan and Zoom.
* Changed window target to _self on iOS to compensate for browser issue for PDF download on iOS.
* Fixed missing soft returns in live text.
* Removed returns at the end of menu builder text retrieved via Paragraph Style.


Release date: 2021-03-26

Updates/fixes include:
* Reduced baseline JavaScript file size in output by up to 24kb, depending on InDesign features used.
* Added support for a flipbook that starts on a 2-page spread, i.e., has no cover.
* Updated Google Analytics to gtag code which support GA4 IDs that being with G-, as well as the old IDs that start with UA-.
* Added Style Group paths to CSS style names for Character and Paragraph Style names that are not unique.
* Added support for multiple Character Styles within a single Hyperlink when rendering live text.
* Fixed OAM issues related to changes made in InDesign 2021.
* Fixed typos in Fixed Element Position panel and Magic Layout Builder instructions.
* Fixed stacking issue for page items that cross spreads.
* Fixed Object is Invalid error related to certain footnotes.
* Fixed issue with Pan Zoom image immediately going out of frame related to transparency of the frame.
* Fixed the size of Ovals that are Pasted Into other frames and rendered in HD.
* Fixed export resolution for JPGs when using Object Export Options.
* Fixed position and scaling of HD items that grow inside of a container object.
* Fixed issues with pausing and resuming animation.
* Fixed issue where iOS forcibly resizes text.
* Fixed Pan and Zoom issue when Lazy Load images is used.
* Fixed issue when Hide on Start items disappear when navigating to the same page the viewer is currently on.
* Fixed cached animated GIFs that do not replay on reload in Safari and Firefox with multi-page output or when Lazy Load Images is off.
* Fixed fullscreen video not going fullscreen from button in Safari.
* Fixed issue on Chrome and Firefox where a text anchor can cause the page to scroll above the viewable window.

3.7.7 (download)

Release date: 2021-02-26

Updates/fixes include:
* Minor adjustment to how tabs are styled in live text.
* Fixed issue where Italian InDesign adds quote marks to animation preset names and breaks animations.
* Fixed error that appears due to accented characters in destination folder path when optimizing images.
* Fixed issue with None swatch showing as black when used in a Character Style.
* Fixed error about an object not supporting Paths related to anchored groups, when rendering text as SVG.
* Added support for section symbol in output.


Release date: 2021-01-19

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed issue with item stacking in v3.7.5.
* Fixed misc video issue on Android devices.
* Fixed Object is Invalid error related to threaded multi-column text frames.
* Fixed issue with one button that applies Next State to multiple MSOs with looping applied.
* Fixed items that render as JPGs because source image is a JPG, even when image item has transparency applied.
* Fixed issue with Web Content UI not refreshing as InDesign selection changes.


Release date: 2020-12-23

Updates/fixes include:
* Improved rendering quality of scaled text as images in output.
* Fixed issue with GIF Maker recording end event not triggering properly.
* Fixed missing quote in query string.
* Fixed swiping when there are multiple swipeable image sequences on a page.
* Fixed scaling of HD images that have animation applied and are set as thumbnails.
* Fixed appearance of BULLET_CHARACTER in text and/or split error due to an InDesign issue.
* Fixed issue with SVG text frames that have no non-hyperlinked text.
* Fixed issue with swipe over MSO that triggers next state on mouse leave.
* Fixed misc issue with page numbering.
* Fixed JPG optimization error on Mac when file path contains accents.
* Fixed Open in Default Browser when folder path contains accents on Mac.
* Fixed scale to width pages that scroll too far at the bottom.
* Fixed positioning of items in a scrolling frame within an MSO.

3.7.4 (download)

Release date: 2020-12-18

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed MSO states with 0 opacity on the state, not the content.
* Fixed non-rectangular shapes that should not be rendered as JPGs.
* Fixed javascript issue with single page fixed position elements.
* Fixed issue with missing width amount on certain fixed position elements.
* Fixed issue where fixed position element picked up CSS from a previous fixed element in the layout.
* Removed line between flipbook pages that sometimes appears when scaling.
* Updated bookmark navigation to work with page indexes not in exported layout.


Release date: 2020-11-23

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed misc hyperlink and crossref issues.
* Fixed missing page navigation on newer versions of Chrome.
* Fixed anchored items sitting outside of frames that affect SVG text rendering object positions.
* Fixed issue with stacking of reused master page items that was causing items to be hidden by background artwork.
* Fixed shift of live text frames when anchored objects set outside the frame.


Release date: 2020-11-20

Updates/fixes include:
* Optimized item parsing.
* Fixed misc errors related to sound objects.


Release date: 2020-11-20

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed video appearing on top of flipbook pages on large monitors with desktop scaling turned on.
* Fixed issue with incorrect auto page numbers on spreads when markers are on the page and not the master page.
* Fixed reuse images across spreads with lazy load.
* Fixed soundLoop error.
* Fixed bookmark navigation issue from v3.7.0.
* Fixed issue with scrolling navigation not going to correct location.
* Fixed shifted content in buttons.
* Fixed ability to force fullscreen video in Safari.
* Fixed issue with missing Fixed Position Elements.


Release date: 2020-11-18

Updates/fixes include:
* Added Magic Layout Builder to more easily create Responsive Layouts.
* Added Fixed Position Element feature to create pinned aka sticky items, like menus.
* Added Parallax Background feature.
* Added automatic vertical centering for flipbooks.
* Added the ability to jump to a specific page by clicking on the page count in the viewer display.
* Added Social Sharing Image along with Open Graph meta tags for Twitter and Facebook.
* Added support for Web Content properties on OAM files.
* Added ability to paste Resource code, so you don’t have to create the file yourself.
* Added ability to set a fixed background image for the entire document as it scrolls.
* Added ability to export custom responsive page ranges.
* Added more support for Text Anchor Destinations.
* Automatically turns off Lazy Load Images when output is to Google Ads.
* Updated span items across spread feature to greatly improve output of documents with spreads.
* Updated to jQuery 3.5.1.
* Updated Twitter sharing URL pattern.
* Updated back-next arrow HTML and CSS to not appear in output, rather than simply be hidden, when that option is turned off.
* Removed Flash media fallbacks.
* Fixed issue with multiple media, when some should stop and some are continuous.
* Fixed issue introduced by InDesign 2021 removing the Controller Skin options for video.
* Fixed misplaced HD thumbnail images.
* Fixed off-page autoplay media.
* Fixed issue with custom page ranges that have left and right master pages.
* Fixed issue with duplicate master page items on a page that could made items appear bolder.
* Fixed overlapping animation issue when the browser tab loses and regains focus.
* Fixed issue where some rectangles with modified paths export without modified paths.
* Fixed issue where other documents are open after running in5.
* Fixed position of text frames rendered as images that have anchored objects outside the text frame’s bounds.
* Fixed issue with missing paragraph borders when rendering text as images.
* Fixed issue with CMYK tints appearing incorrectly in the output.
* Fixed issue with some autosizing text frames not rendering correctly.
* Fixed rendering of radio buttons and checkboxes in Liquid page format.


Release date: 2020-10-13

Updates/fixes include:
* Improved initial responsive layout detection on mobile before CSS is fully loaded.
* Fixed Object does not support the property or method ‘operation’ error, which also fixes button animation options.
* Fixed misc issue character style classes.
* Fixed issue introduced after 3.6.7 when buttons in non-active states are still clickable.
* Fixed initial page animation for responsive layouts on first load with animation on first page.
* Fixed issue where multiline text input breaks page navigation.
* Fixed extra head tag when appending head tags from an HTML resource file.


Release date: 2020-10-07

Updates/fixes include:
* Added the ability to attach HTML Resource containing a head tag and have that HTML appear in the head tag of the output.
* Fixed collapsed viewer display hiding behind page in webkit browsers.
* Fixed issue with missing text in TOCs with multiple columns exported as SVG.
* Fixed error related to master pages that have no bounds.
* Fixed accented characters in alt text.
* Fixed spaces before superscript and subscript in live text.
* Fixed scrolling within pages on Safari with Desktop Scaling.
* Fixed misc Mark as Thumbnail issues with different resolutions.
* Fixed issue with lightbox links opening in new tabs.
* Fixed alignment issues on iOS.
* Fixed issue with videos in responsive layouts that don’t autoplay.
* Fixed active page thumbnail highlight on responsive documents.
* Fixed issue with missing timing delays on some button-triggered animation sequences.
* Added automatic scrolling to active page thumbnail.
* Fixed issue with broken hyperlinks when On Page Click animations are applied.
* Fixed all slides appearing at the end of a slideshow.
* Fixed issue with media queries on Firefox related to MS-specific media query.
* Fixed rendering of text frames using complex corners with SVG.
* Fixed media query sizes for Responsive Layouts when ruler units are not in pixels.
* Added beforeNewPage event in output JavaScript.
* Updated installer for upcoming version of InDesign 2021.
* Improved layout detect on slower iOS internet connections


Release date: 2020-08-19

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed issue with missing SVG images in output.
* Fixed issue with two responsive layouts that are not portrait and landscape.
* Fixed issue with Slider Menu Builder not restoring ruler units.


Release date: 2020-08-13

Updates/fixes include:
* Added support for varied character styling within Hyperlink text.
* Improved initial layout detection before desktop scaling takes place.
* Fixed initially scaling on responsive multipage layouts loading layouts other than the default.
* Fixed sporadic issue of jpgs rendered as pngs when the have tiny differences in dimensions from their containers.
* Fixed links opening multiple windows on iOS, and in rare cases, no windows.
* Fixed error when duplicated locked spread items.
* Fixed blurring and animation layering related to desktop scaling in Safari.
* Fix blurring of flip page on hover and peel.


Release date: 2020-08-07

Updates/fixes include:
* Added ability to set font size of text boxes via the Buttons and Forms panel.
* Fixed horizontal positioning of pages that are wider than the screen and set to scale to height.
* Undid blurry image fix, because it does not seem to work consistently on all documents.
* Fixed issue with 3D flip card backface.
* Fixed issue with multipage animations not triggering.
* Fixed hyperlinks on objects that may have stopped working in a previous update.
* Fixed GA link tracking with SVG text plus multipage.
* Fixed Cannot Save Document Because There Are Open Transactions on the Database InDesign error related to the copy spread items option.


Release date: 2020-07-31

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed blurry images related to Desktop Scaling on webkit browsers.
* Fixed link issue introduced in v3.6.5 with Firefox and Android. This version has a better fix for iOS that doesn’t affect other browsers.
* Fixed misc issue with Presentation Mode not loading.
* Fixed stilted on page load animations with multifile documents.
* Fixed multipage responsive scaling that was not scaling to the right layout every time.


Release date: 2020-07-30

Updates/fixes include:
* Added warning for Google Analytics if javascript code is pasted instead of the GA ID.
* Added support for embedding SVG code via Object Export options.
* Added script to Convert Video URLs to HTTPS.
* Updated viewer display to have black text and icons when frame color is set to None.
* Fixed misc export error.
* Fixed hyperlink analytics on button actions.
* Fixed error generated by documents where page merge scripts have been run on docs with alternate layouts.
* Fixed hyperlink inside of menu item on iOS.
* Fixed Pan and Zoom for large images.
* Fixed On Page Click builds for the first page in Chrome when run from a web server.
* Fixed animation issue with media on multi-page liquid output.
* Fixed reading progress bar on affected browsers.
* Fixed issue on Mac where optimization changes jpg permissions in such a way that they generate 403 errors on the web.
* Fixed issue with temporary jpg files on Windows created by image optimization.


Release date: 2020-06-12

Updates/fixes include:
* Added a shadow to the gutter between pages in a flipbook spread.
* Fixed animation playback issue with slider format.
* Fixed On Page Load animation in responsive multi-page output when changing layouts.
* Fixed issues with source PNGs not appearing in output when Use Source Image is selected.
* Fixed On State Load animation for first appearance of state when page loads.
* Fixed Flipcard 3D effect in Firefox.
* Fixed flicker of flipcard and issue with stacking of items on top when design is scaled up in webkit browsers.
* Fixed Google Ad clickTag hyperlinks that weren’t opening.
* Fixed misc issue with missing bullet character style in html text.
* Fixed bullet positioning in HTML text.
* Fixed presentation mode click builds for animation and bullets.

3.6.3 (download)

Release date: 2020-05-22

Updates/fixes include:
* Added transition animation to Pan and Zoom.
* Updated Let in5 Choose Viewport setting to use Desktop Scaling on mobile when Desktop Scaling is applied.
* Fixed page peel and RTL issues on iOS.
* Fixed order of Build Menu items created from a Paragraph Style.
* Fixed text style application of Build Menu items.
* Fixed Pan and Zoom with HD images.
* Fixed left and right swipe for RTL.
* Fixed GIF Maker animation detection for Slider page format.
* Fixed next arrow position in IE11.
* Fixed misc error related to animation behavior on an unsupported item.
* Fixed issue with text as SVG when non-printing cancel character is used, e.g., in Cross References.
* Fixed misc Object is Invalid error during initialization related to corrupt numbered lists.
* Fixed issue with 3D Flipcard type menu not updating on selection change.


Release date: 2020-04-24

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed error occurring with server minification where file works fine locally but is stuck loading online.
* Fixed click next on left-sided page peel with RTL navigation.


Release date: 2020-04-22

Updates/fixes include:
* Added full RTL navigation support for Slider, Horizontal Scroll, and Flipbook formats.
* Added ability to test Responsive Layouts with watermarks if you don’t have a Gold plan.
* Added reset of visibility for animation sequences that are restarted.
* Added support for inline images within the Mobile Article Explorer when the article is stored externally.
* Changed default functionality so that MSOs reset to first state on page change.
* Updated processing so that page thumbnails show the first state of any MSO.
* Updated Google Analytics page tracking to show the entire path of the document.
* Improved swipe cancellation on scaled layouts.
* Fixed auto play of video inside MSO state.
* Fixed issue with Go To URL combined with show and hide actions.
* Fixed synchronous playing of a linked animation with a delay.
* Fixed page turn distance in single page mode.
* Fixed image sequence swipe gestures for responsive layouts with image sequences on multiple layouts.
* Fixed issue with InDesign not seeing responsive layouts as orientation changes, even though the values indicate that they should be thus.


Release date: 2020-04-09

Updates/fixes include:
* Added Responsive Layouts for Gold plan members.
* Added Borderless Scrolling Page Format and One-Page Scroll Website options.
* Added Alternate Layout name to Edit All window of Custom Slider Transitions.
* Added the ability to create a Menu Builder menu using bookmarks in the current Alternate Layout.
* Added support for imported SVGs to export original SVG file.
* Added Enhanced Image Optimization and consolidation.
* Added support for underline and strikethrough colors in live text on supported browsers.
* Added transparency detection for placed PSDs and TIFs so that they can be rendered as JPGs to reduce file size.
* Added Hyperlinks tracking option to Google Analytics.
* Added support for multi-column live text frames that also have vertically alignment of center or bottom.
* Added support for tall pages within Liquid Layouts, including with Responsive Layouts.
* Add highlight to page thumbnail of current page.
* Added slideShowComplete JS event to enable slideshow recording in the in5 GIF Maker Chrome extension.
* Updated SVG optimization so that it runs 20-100x faster.
* Updated Presentation Mode Build Bullets so that it can work on the first page of a document.
* Updated to jQuery 3.4.1.
* Updated Web App support and fixed issue with missing Home Screen icon on Android.
* Updated the direct page link format of the Slider to match the other formats that use #p=.
* Improved bullet list positioning and alignment in HTML text.
* Improved support for complex animations with multiple properties and sequences with internal looping.
* Fixed max character length.
* Fixed orientation detection.
* Fixed lazy loading of nested SVG text when on a web server.
* Updated to Unix-style linefeed in pages.css.
* Fixed Save to Home screen launch on newer versions of Android Chrome.
* Fixed indent lines of text rendered as HTML when they are threaded and not the first line of a paragraph.
* Fixed image optimization errors related to accented characters in file paths.
* Fixed Firefox escape issue from full screen video.
* Fixed issue with disappearing video controller.
* Fixed js links that open a new window.
* Fixed issue with local jquery and missing jquery for Google Ads.
* Fixed media progress navigation when using Desktop Scaling.
* Fixed missing space before bold characters in the Article Explorer.
* Fixed rendering of live LTR table inside of RTL textframe.
* Fixed Mobile Article Explorer window size in iOS WebUI view.
* Fixed initial scaling on multi-page documents.
* Fixed Pan and Zoom on Chrome due to issues with Pointer Events.
* Fixed triggering of click navigation from Presentation Mode when clicking on Viewer Display elements like page thumbnails.
* Fixed interference between page flip animation and click next Presentation Mode features.
* Fixed interference between buttons and double-click to enter full screen in Presentation Mode.
* Fixed page thumbs appearing behind scaled video.
* Fixed page nav arrows that should not appear in 1-page liquid document.
* Fixed error with Custom Slide Transitions panel when closing a document, but others are still open.
* Removed Advanced option to Use pts instead of pxs for text.
* Removed Liquid State output option.

3.5.4 (download)

Release date: 2020-01-23

Updates/fixes include:
* Improved On Page Load triggering for pages in a scrolling document that are taller than the browser window.
* Added support for center and right alignment of tables when exporting live text.
* When movie poster is From Frame, but not a web format, in5 now converts the poster to a PNG automatically.
* Improved positioning while zooming.
* Improved flip page dragging when combined with swipe.
* Removed black background from videos as a default.
* Fixed video controls being partially cover with video when layout is scaled large in webkit browsers.
* Fixed misc issue where so fonts were not being applied to the output when using the local embed option.
* Fixed restoration of position after zooming out using viewer display button.
* Fixed issue with missing Article Explorer text due to broken hyperlinks in Hyperlinks panel.
* Fixed issue with Go To State actions pointing to non-existent Object States.
* Fixed misc SVG optimization error due to a tab in the title of a Hyperlink.


Release date: 2019-11-18

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed position of links and shifting in SVG text.
* Fixed unwanted scrolling of scaled content on iOS devices.
* Fixed error occurring with server minification where file works fine locally but is stuck loading online.
* Fixed jQuery missing in app cache manifest and made sure that it does not appear in Google Ad export to save file size.


Release date: 2019-11-08

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed editable text option in Easy Export Wizard.
* Fixed missing color on certain live text.
* Fixed issue with linked animations ending recording in the Animated GIF Maker extension early.
* Fixed iOS device detection on iOS 13 for Web Apps.
* Fixed error applying paragraph style with Menu Builder
* Updated image optimization libraries for Mac OSX Catalina restrictions.
* Updated generic error message to include more info.


Release date: 2019-10-14

Updates/fixes include:
* Added Social Media Image document preset.
* Added support for text highlighting and underlines rendered as SVG.
* Fixed last line justification on text rendered as images or SVG when text frame has a text wrap.
* Fixed missing page numbers issue.
* Fixed duplicate hyperlink text items inside of table cells rendered as SVG.
* Fixed internal page destination button actions with Slider formats.
* Fixed positioning issues with text wraps caused by watermarks in the demo.
* Fixed single-page animation looping of groups for in5 Animated GIF Maker extension.
* Renamed temporary vbscript used in image optimization to make it easy for IT depts to whitelist the file.


Release date: 2019-09-21

Updates/fixes include:
* Added Easy Export Wizard.
* Added default export preset containing the settings from the last used in5 export.
* Added Info and Updates menu option that doesn't require an open document.
* Added animated corner peel as a hint to the viewer when a Flipbook loads.
* Added momentum-based swiping for Image Sequences.
* Added support for transparency to complex groups.
* Improved position accuracy of text frames and items with effects applied.
* Fixed showing of forward nav button on next to last page.
* Fixed double-playing page animation when custom js hashTags variable is applied.
* Added code to stop embeds like Vimeo and YouTube from playing when inside of an MSO and the state changes.
* Updated color conversion to run faster and avoid the swatch duplicate alerts that sometimes occur.
* Fixed issue with click navigation of viewer display thumbnails on Windows 10 Chrome.
* Fixed issue with PhoneGap Resource script where placeholders were not being replaced.
* Fixed misc issue with position of text links when rendering text as images.
* Fixed position of vertical lines with effects applied.
* Fixed missing Captivate assets when video is used inside of a Web Content widget.
* Fixed error with missing font when embedding local fonts.
* Removed Google+ from sharing options as it has been discontinued.
* Fixed touch swipe navigation on Windows touch devices.
* Fixed misc issues with button rollover and click states not appearing.
* Fixed misc instance of PNG export error with small polygons with no stroke.
* Fixed occasional missing pages numbers from master pages.
* Fixed Go To Previous State actions with a cross fade applied that don’t stop at the first state.
* Fixed error and formatting with right tabs inside of hyperlinks rendered as HTML text.
* Fixed misc error in the Merge Spreads script.
* Fixed javascript error in output related to api object and custom slide transitions applied to a non-Slider page format.
* Updated mouse events to pointer events to work with changes to Google Chrome.
* Updated Google Ad export so that it omits local jQuery to save file size.
* Disabled initial page view send to Google Analytics when page views are being tracked to prevent 2 pages views when the site is loaded.


Release date: 2019-05-31

Updates/fixes include:
* Add javascript event to trigger when an animation sequence is complete.
* Fixed looping and stop at last when using the 3D Flipcard as an auto-playing slideshow.
* Fixed animation that is linked and looping appearing with delays instead of synced.
* Fixed issue with items from right-sided master pages not appearing in the output.
* Fixed rendering of text on a path when the InDesign object was not a line.
* Fixed missing cached manifest reference caused by added language attribute in v3.4.
* Fixed relative path for multi-page HTML files inside of cache manifest.


Release date: 2019-05-31

Updates/fixes include:
* Added Build Wizards to easily create animated and hamburger menus, slideshows, and pop-ups.
* Added Add Empty State option to Object States panel.
* Added PhoneGap Resource Generator script to easily create icons and splash screens for mobile apps.
* Added support for webkit-playsinline video setting for older versions of iOS.
* Added lang attribute to html tag for accessibility.
* Changed default behavior of MSOs so that first state always appears, regardless of InDesign selection.
* Fixed horizontal centering when maxScaleWidth customization is applied.
* Fixed misc error related to buttons.
* Fixed empty space at the bottom of continuous scrolling when used with Desktop Scaling.
* Fixed error caused by placed OAM files that contain spaces in the file name.
* Fixed issue with single quote or apostrophe in loading text.
* Fixed misc issues in the Merge Spreads script.
* Fixed button tracking with Google Analytics on complex documents.


Release date: 2019-04-22

Updates/fixes include:
* Added express support for CreateJS content with images exported from Adobe Animate.
* Fixed rendering of page numbers inside of groups on master pages when not rendering groups as images.
* Fixed opacity on items that have both an object opacity setting and a Fade in animation applied.
* Fixed rendering of bullets that cross threaded text frames when rendering text as images or SVG.
* Fixed last line justification when paragraph continues in another frame rendering text as images or SVG.
* Added support for additional non-word characters in the alt attributes.
* Added looping for single-page autoplay presentations.
* Improved multi-page transition to hide Desktop Scaling.
* Fixed accuracy of autoplaying slide duration.
* Fixed multi-step zoom for flipbooks.
* Fixed issue with Hyperlinks panel not working with some text hyperlinks.
* Fixed issue with videos in MSOs when Desktop Scaling is on in webkit browsers.
* Fixed target window default and custom settings for hyperlinks when rending text as SVG and viewing locally.
* Removed slider assets from output when export to multipage format to optimize file size in output.


Release date: 2019-03-19

Updates/fixes include:
* Compensated for text that has been scaled in InDesign but retains original size setting and is rendered as live text.
* Updated live text sizes to go to tenths of pixels instead of whole pixels.
* Improved hiding of desktop scaling transformation for multi-page export.
* Added support for a fade transition on multi-page export when Slider Fade In is used as Page Format.
* Fixed rendering of transparent effects, which appeared with white backgrounds previously when the source image was a jpg.
* Fixed animation sequencing issues added in 3.3.9.
* Fixed 3d flipcard broken in 3.3.7-3.3.9 changes.
* Fixed redundant application of the hidden CSS class when hidden options are selected in multiple InDesign interactive panels.
* Fixed Slideshows that are initially hidden and reset them when returning to page.


Release date: 2019-03-12

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed issue with background image extension.
* Fixed custom slide transitions.
* Fixed issues with video layering in Safari when desktop scaling is on and scaling is above 2.5x the original size.
* Fixed Multi-page scaling, positioning and page load triggering.
* Fixed issue where Presentation Mode dialog options were not appearing when nothing is selected.
* Fixed unexpected drop caps when rendering text as images or SVG.
* Adjusted pull tab registration to account for scrolling frames the aren’t perfectly aligned.


Release date: 2019-02-27

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed missing page content when using Continuous Scroll and no Desktop Scaling.


Release date: 2019-02-25

Updates/fixes include:
* Updated media players so that the poster image is re-shown when the media finishes playing, or is stopped by the stop all button, or due to a page change.
* Fixed issue with blank content when using Slider format.
* Fixed Multi-page positioning.


Release date: 2019-02-22

Updates/fixes include:
* Added TypeKit-friendly font family names to CSS for easy integration.
* Added smooth scrolling to page thumbnail list on supported desktop browsers.
* Added support for browser back and next buttons when using hashTags customization with Slider formats.
* Added CSS to prevent Multi-page from visibly scaling each page when Desktop Scaling is applied.
* Updated Continuous Scroll page detection to work with Desktop Scaling and trigger On Page Loads correctly.
* Updated Slideshow widgets so that it does not force one of the interactive items to be selected.
* Removed any vertical bar characters in the autogenerated Viewer Display PDF name.
* Added code to make sure Social Sharing items are hidden on Web App instruction screens.
* Fixed misc javascript error caused by server minification that prevented loading.
* Fixed From Preset easing with Fly In animations due to a change with InDesign CC 2019.
* Fixed issue with size of OAM and web containers when HD image quality is set.
* Fixed issue with video poster images that disappear.
* Fixed issue where Presentation Mode dialog options were not appearing when nothing is selected.
* Fixed issue with NaN appearing when using up arrow inside of widget number fields.
* Fixed bug related to issue with Timing Target in complex animated sequences.
* Fixed double-playing animation in flipbooks.
* Fixed issue with image sequences flickering in Firefox.


Release date: 2018-12-05

Updates/fixes include:
* Updated zoom to maintain scroll location and use a smaller initial zoom amount with layouts that are heavily scaled down.
* Added support for umlaut characters in file paths during image optimization.
* Added support for embedded Articulate Storyline content that has a mobile directory.
* Changed trigger of on state load to occur during slideshow crossfade.
* Set default vertical alignment for anchor images.
* Adjusted default audio control width from 400 to 280 pixels.
* Fixed triggering of on state load for first state of MSO on first page.
* Fixed HD rendering of anchored images in HTML text.
* Fixed XML error related to the bell character when rendering HTML text.
* Fixed hiding of individual Audio controls using Audio panel.
* Fixed event listener error on Windows when closing a document while a Widget panel is open.
* Fixed error when trying to launch export dialog caused by a color name that contains command unicode characters.
* Fixed export error when render live text that contains command unicode characters.
* Fixed redundant rendering of pageflip pages.
* Fixed misc error with problematic hyperlink rendered as images or SVG.
* Fixed issue with Object Style named page disrupting output.
* Fixed autoplay for presentation and video next interruption of autoplay.
* Fixed javascript error related to media and pausing other plays on iOS.


Release date: 2018-11-06

Updates/fixes include:
* Fix issue with 3D Flip Card panel not appearing correctly.
* Fixed issue with text wrapped items anchored in text frames not rendering correctly as images.
* Fixed error with Merge Spreads script caused by InDesign CC 2019 changes.
* Fixed misc sizing issue with certain complex elements, like groups with FX applied.
* Fixed conflict with full screen double-click of presentation mode and pan and zoom.
* Fixed pan zoom on iOS.


Release date: 2018-10-26

Updates/fixes include:
* Tall pages now fit to width to allow for scrolling when Best Fit Desktop Scaling is used.
* Tall page thumbnails now get cropped to match the size of the first page.
* Added default padding for inputs.
* Fixed misc issue with animation timing delays.
* Fixed page click builds with Presentation Mode when not build bullets.
* Fixed custom reading progress bar color.


Release date: 2018-10-18

Updates/fixes include:
* Improved Page Flip centering when using Desktop Scaling.
* Fixed hyperlinks within spreads with text rendered as images.
* Fixed issue with Go to State on Video Complete action.
* Fixed issue where Viewer Display Control Frame overlaps page when Desktop Scaling is used.
* Add CSS animated transitions to page scaling and Control Frame collapse.
* Fixed display of animated video.
* Fixed issue with Hyperlink Text Destinations.
* Fixed htmlContent error.
* Fixed misc SVG error related to tables.
* Fixed rendering of merged table cells in SVG.


Release date: 2018-10-16

Updates/fixes include:
* Added upgrade prompt when attempting to export using PageFlip and not activated as a Pro license.
* Fixed issue with disappearing animation button actions when button sits on top of animated item in layer stack.
* Fixed Enhancement panel issues introduced in 3.3.0.
* Fixed demo limit indicators in the export dialog.


Release date: 2018-10-14

Updates/fixes include:
* Added ability to customize form elements to save data locally, and set HTML5 parameters.
* Added a video widget to control video displays, add captions, and more.
* Added audio widget.
* Added support for Resume Media button action.
* Added support for slide duration based on media playback.
* Added support for custom branding with Logo and Color in Viewer Display Frame.
* Added SVG compression to Pro-level Image Optimization.
* Added support for complex, custom radio buttons and checkboxes.
* Added support for Submit, Print, and Clear Form actions.
* Added support for Google Ads output format.
* Added support for curved animation paths.
* Added replacement widget panels for DPS (folio) Overlays: Web Content, Pan and Zoom, Image Sequence, Hyperlinks, Slideshows.
* Added Document Presets with common page dimensions for Presentations and Google Ads.
* Added ability to test Web Apps without save screen using a query string.
* Added ability to track PDF Downloads from Viewer Display Frame using Google Analytics.
* Added ability to track pages with InDesign bookmark names, instead of page numbers.
* Added support for Thumbnail images as anchored objects in live text.
* Added support for the file name text variable
* Fixed duplicating items across spreads.
* Fixed SVG rendering of ovals.
* Fixed group render of buttons states when Render Groups As Image is selected.
* Fixed Back and Next navigation in Continuous Scroll format when buttons are nested inside of other objects.
* Added print media query for better printing with Desktop Scaling enabled.
* Fixed getComputedStyle javascript issue with IE.
* Fixed issue with content covering Viewer Display when Custom Slide Transitions are applied and Desktop Scaling is not.
* iOS Web App Status Bar Style updated to black-translucent.
* Fixed misc error related to SVG rendering of paragraph rules.
* Reduced CSS size by only add Viewer Display CSS when used.
* Fixed issue with unnecessary off-page items that render in output and potentially cause errors.
* Fixed Presentation Mode settings that were not being turned off.
* Fixed next button on last page when viewing flipbook spreads.
* Fixed first line indent on multi-frame stories when rendering text as SVG.
* Fixed issue with items that have animation and a hyperlink.
* Fixed hyperlinks on master pages when rendering text as images.


Release date: 2018-08-06

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed issue where thumbnails are exported as spreads and appear as duplicates.
* Fixed error related to complicated, single-page Web Overlay documents.
* Fixed function of left side pull tab when rendering items as HD.
* Fixed compatibility issue with IE8.


Release date: 2018-07-02

Updates/fixes include:
* Added support for Go To Previous View Button action.
* Improved positioning of certain items that have both blend modes and effects applied.
* Added silent option to API so that it can be run without opening the ESDK.
* Updated export so that arrows-slider.svg is always included for all formats. Fixes Google Ad HTML validator error.
* Updated lightbox code so that the CSS only appears when used. Fixes Google Ad HTML validator error.
* Removed license check message when running from the API.
* Fixed nav.update error when linking to a specific page in the browser using #p=.
* Fixed rendering size of HD images anchored within text.
* Fixed issue with ampersands in style names.


Release date: 2018-06-19

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed scaling issue that occurs when attempting to use Pageflip with Multi-page Web format.
* Fixed back navigation arrow for Multi-page output.
* Fixed error message related to item in Timing Panel that does not have Animation applied


Release date: 2018-06-04

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed misc display issue with custom slide transitions.
* Fixed Mobile Article Explorer panel error caused by recent update.


Release date: 2018-05-30

Updates/fixes include:
* Added in5 > Enhancements > Presentation Mode, including autoplay, building of animations and bullet items, full screen mode, keyboard navigation, and more!
* Added in5 > Enhancements > Custom Slide Transitions to control the transitions for each slide.
* Significantly improved rendering of HTML bulleted lists, including support for bullets with different style attributes.
* Fixed issue with back arrow appearing on start page of slider.
* Updated button analytics tracking code to look for name attribute as well as alt attribute.
* Changed Export Presets... button text to Presets…
* Fixed misc audio issue.
* Fixed issue with text variable positioning from master pages with different sizes.
* Improved live text style recognition.
* Fixed importing of multiple presets.


Release date: 2018-04-16

Updates/fixes include:
* Updated Google Analytics tracking of button clicks to the currentTarget of the event to account for more complex buttons and send the correct alt text of the button.
* Fixed misc sourcePageItem error.
* Fixed render of text paths on graphic lines.


Release date: 2018-03-28

Updates/fixes include:
* Updated Merge Spreads script to support right-to-left first page.
* Fixed rendering of ovals with altered paths.
* Fixed rendering of text paths on ovals.
* Changed the rendering of image containers with images nested two layers deep when effects are applied.


Release date: 2018-03-16

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed activation issues with computer user names containing accent marks.
* Fixed SVG error due to text wraps causing oversets.
* Fixed SVG paragraph rules that span column widths.
* Fixed horizontal positioning of Continuous Scroll (vertical) content with Desktop Scaling applied.
* Restored support for curly brackets in alt text.


Release date: 2018-03-12

Updates/fixes include:
* Added support for Sounds that are anchored inside of text frames.
* Changed nav button positioning to fixed for viewport zoom scaling.
* Fixed misc export error about object no longer existing.
* Fixed issue with linked stories rendering as images.
* Fixed issue on Safari with hyperlinks around buttons.
* Fixed autostart slideshows on first page with initial load.
* Fixed button and MSO content height and width in Liquid format.
* Fixed issue with Multipage next arrow not appearing on first page.
* Updated code to access Scrolling Frame widget from in5 menu.


Release date: 2018-02-22

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed shift in MSO states when buttons are used inside of MSOs.
* Fixed button rendering so that hidden states do not appear in the output.


Release date: 2018-02-05

Updates/fixes include:
* Added support for default back and next arrows with Flipbook page format.
* Changed Slider arrows to sit outside container so that they’re always vertically centered and do not get scaled with content.
* Improved rendering of tables that span multiple text frames when the story has no other content.
* Horizontally centered Mobile Article content.
* Improved Mobile Article display on small devices.
* Fixed issue with one object polluting another with CSS properties.
* Fixed responsiveness of lightbox.
* Trimmed Slider CSS to reduce file size.
* Now hiding Viewer Display on Web App install instructions screens.
* Fixed activation issue with accents in computer names.
* Fixed bug with looping animation.


Release date: 2018-01-09

Updates/fixes include:
* Added horizontal centering when custom maxScaleWidth is used.
* Improved spacing on simple numbered lists.
* Button states are now rendered as images when Render Groups as Image is selected.
* Fixed click states for Safari desktop and Chrome.
* Fixed SVG text link positions for Firefox and web server implementations.
* Fixed flipbook display glitches caused by Firefox.
* Fixed export tagging of Paragraph Style types.
* Added support for Export Tagging Paragraph and Character classes.
* Reduced unnecessary Paragraph Style creation with numbered lists converted to text.
* Fixed overset text that was displaying when rendering text as HTML.
* Fixed OAM copy error and improved it for non-latin characters in file path.
* Fixed rollover animated menus by replacing mouseover events with mouseenter, and mouseout with mouseleave.
* Fixed Image Sequence ordering issue introduced by OSX 10.2.


Release date: 2018-01-02

Updates/fixes include:
* Added experimental support for right-to-left flipbook pages.
* Fixed misc error that stopped export.
* Fixed issue with Scrolling Frames widget menu option.


Release date: 2017-12-26

Updates/fixes include:
* Dramatically improved rendering of items that span across spread pages.
* Added maxScaleWidth and maxScaleHeight javascript properties for customizing the desktop scaling maximums.
* Added message for Web App installation when opened in Chrome on iOS.
* Reintroduced support for hyperlinks in tables when rendering text as images.
* Improved text hyperlink positioning when rendering text as images.
* Improved timing sequences when items cross spreads.
* Fixed issue with animation on multi-file output when page contains multiple media items.
* Fixed issue with page animation looping.
* Fixed missing SVG text for frames where all content is hyperlinks, like TOCs.
* Fixed misc issue with flip page interactivity.
* Fixed issues with non-text characters in alt text.
* Updated IE browser warning message to minimum of version 10.


Release date: 2017-12-12

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed glitches with jumping around pages in a flipbook.
* Fixed bug where hyperlink page destination is empty.
* Fixed bug with text frames inside of hide/show buttons that trigger error message.
* Fixed disappearing flip cards caused by reset MSO script.


Release date: 2017-12-08

Updates/fixes include:
* Added support for SVG text hyperlinks when testing locally.
* Added support for images within tables when rendering text as SVG.
* Improved nested item rendering in SVG.
* Corrected positioning issue that was reintroduced by fix in previous patch.
* Updated Google Analytics URL so that it always points to HTTPS, even on local setup.
* Fixed animation transformation origin for items with custom animation settings applied.
* Fixed missing anchored images within externalized SVG.
* Fixed Viewer Display control bar height in IE10 and IE11.
* Fixed Viewer Display zooming on IE10 and IE11.
* Fixed error in Merge Spreads script related to auto page numbers that are not associated with any page.


Release date: 2017-11-29

Updates/fixes include:
* Re-wrote 3D Flip Card CSS to be compatible with IE11.
* Removed empty style declarations on table cells.
* Fixed issues with ampersands and special characters inside of live HTML tables.
* Fixed shifting of certain text frames and groups containing text and empty space at the top when rendering as images.
* Fixed nextTextFrame error with tables cells when rendering text as HTML.
* Fixed image optimization when export path contains accent marks.


Release date: 2017-11-18

Updates/fixes include:
* Added initial support for cross-references.
* Added support for MSOs within MSOs, using anchor in text frame technique, even when rendering text as images.
* Fixed positioning of MSOs within MSOs when rendering text as HTML.
* Improved positioning of groups rendered as images when they contain text frames.
* Fixed numbered lists that span multiple frames when rendering text as images.
* Fixed hyperlinks rendered as images when hyperlinks are in the same text frame on master page as auto page number.
* Fixed animation origin point on ovals inside of scrolling frames.
* Re-fixed links with hover and down states after Safari fix in previous update.
* Fixed rollover animations from 3.1.0.
* Fixed rendering of rectangles that InDesign claims are ovals, possibly because of the convert shape menu command.
* Optimized image rendering checks during export.


Release date: 2017-11-14

Updates/fixes include:
* Improved rendering of drop shadows on SVG text.
* Improved Web App instructions positioning.
* Improved centering of Viewer Display page count.
* Added force redraw on Viewer Display zoom to ensure that Safari window is scrollable.
* Altered rendering for text frames with TOCs when rendering text as HD images.
* Added playsinline support for video.
* Added code to prevent redundant playing of page load animations on two-page flipbook spreads.
* Fixed issue with strikethrough being removed in some cases when text rendered as images.
* Fixed buttons with click states in Safari.
* Fixed JavaScript errors that occur with PageFlip format when server minifies code.
* Fixed auto generation of SEO keywords when document contains the word reflect.
* Fixed animation origin of ovals.


Release date: 2017-11-08

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed issue with duplicate text in Article Explorer.
* Fixed positioning of items with Outer Glow Effect applied.


Release date: 2017-11-05

Updates/fixes include:
* Added support for linking to specific pages of flipbooks with custom URLs.
* Fixed hyperlinks within 3D Flip Cards.
* Fixed issue with animation sequences that include off screen items.
* Fixed x positioning on initial viewer zoom in.
* Fixed issue with padding inside of MSOs with buttons.
* Fixed issue with missing button content.
* Fixed issue with cut off text rendered as SVG inside of buttons inside of MSOs.
* Fixed saving of converted documents before export.
* Fixed issue on iOS where down state of a button was preventing hyperlink from working.
* Fixed Object Export rasterization for ovals.
* Fixed misc SVG table border rendering error.


Release date: 2017-10-28

Updates/fixes include:
* Updated navigation arrow with SVG image.
* Added mediaElementLoaded javascript event to hook into.
* Fixed several issues related to the Flipbook page format.
* Fixed zoom to left edge cropping when using Best Fit Scaling.
* Fixed display for email and install instructions with Web Apps.
* Fixed video size when rendering images in HD.
* Fixed creating a new Export Preset.
* Fixed missing text issue with Article Explorer articles.
* Altered Article Explorer to cover more of screen, except in case of local fallback, to control width with CSS.
* Added vertical margins to Article Explorer headlines.


Release date: 2017-10-26

Updates/fixes include:
* Cleaned up Article Explorer HTML to reduce file size.
* Fixed opacity applied to buttons.
* Fixed texts links rendered as images inside of groups.
* Fixed errors from styling complex tables.
* Fixed buttons states for non-English versions of InDesign.
* Fixed startup errors with non-English versions of InDesign.
* Fixed crashing issues in CS4-CS6.
* Removed some IE8-specific CSS.


Release date: 2017-10-24

Updates/fixes include:
* Added Pageflip Page Format.
* Added interactive widgets: 3D Flip Card, Mobile Article Explorer.
* Added desktop scaling options to fit content to the window.
* Add viewer display options section (title, page progress, TOC link, zoom, fullscreen, PDF download, etc).
* Revamped buttons to support live text and high resolution images.
* The Use Source Images option now retains the original filenames and avoids duplicates to save file size.
* Added Merge Spreads script to convert spreads to pages for digital output.
* Added direct support for placed OAM files.
* Added support for columns breaks in live CSS columns.
* Added support for lists within table cells rendered as HTML.
* Added support for tints on strokes of CSS rectangles.
* Added basic support for paragraph borders.
* Vastly improved position of text rendered as images.
* Improved Export Presets so that title and destination folder are not overwritten when applying preset.
* Groups rendered as images with Image Quality of HD TextFrames Only now renders groups containing text as HD.
* Groups with text frames inside now pull alt text from the contents of the text frames.
* Simple circles rendered as SVG to prevent InDesign from cutting off edges when rendered as images.
* Fixed sporadic hidden navigation in Safari for multi-file output.
* Fixed scrolling on iOS in lightbox iframe.
* Fixed inability to delete a resource.
* Fixed text links when rendered as HD images.
* Fixed buttons that have both actions and go to URLs or hyperlinks applied.
* Fixed download button for Windows in Update section of Info in dialog.
* Removed IE7 and IE8 drop shadow fallbacks for lightbox.
* Improved license functioning during server outages.
* Improved alignment for HTML lists.
* Fixed text wrap for SVG.
* Fixed and improved offline licensing issues on Windows.
* Fixed erroneous first line indents for connected text frames when rendering as images.
* Fixed vertical alignment for text in Firefox.
* Fixed SVG text drop shadow transfer from container frame.
* Fixed misc errors.
* Removed title attribute mirroring of alt attribute.
* Updated jQuery to 1.8.3 and scrollTo to 2.1.2.
* Optimized underlying code for better performance.

3.0.12 (download)

Release date: 2017-06-19

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed liquid scaling of SVG elements loaded as img tags.
* Added enablePullTabs variable to javascript to disable pull tab functionality when needed.
* Improved error messaging for activation issues.
* Fixed vertical positioning issues with live text.
* Fixed overset scrolling in webkit browsers.
* Fixed Pan and Zoom panning on iOS.


Release date: 2017-04-26

Updates/fixes include:
* Added option to show passcode during activation to prevent typos.
* Fixed misc reference error.


Release date: 2017-04-25

Updates/fixes include:
* Right-to-left character support added with HTML text rendering.
* Resets form element font size to normal, overriding default browser settings.
* Fixed error on objects with hyperlinks exported using Liquid page format.
* Fixed plus sign, bullet, and slash in style names.
* Fixed horizontal centering of single lines of live HTML text.


Release date: 2017-02-22

Updates/fixes include:
* Added name attributes to form elements.
* Fixed a licensing bug on Windows machines. May require deactivation and reactivation.


Release date: 2017-02-16

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed text frame height issue more globally from webkit browser rendering change.
* Fixed Type Error from previous version.
* Fixed script error triggered when exporting HPUB on Windows.


Release date: 2017-02-07

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed tfs undefined error.


Release date: 2017-02-03

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed single line height issue due to webkit browser change that cuts them off otherwise.
* Added security layer for Windows deactivation and reactivation.
* Improved handling in event of subscription server errors.


Release date: 2017-02-01

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed Background Color options.
* Condensed dialog spacing for smaller screens.
* Added help tips to export dialog elements.
* Added in-text bookmark anchor linking for Slider Fade In Page Format.
* Fixed bug generated by overset button.
* Fixed paragraph styling issue after full-width anchored group.


Release date: 2017-01-20

Initial public release. Updates/fixes from prerelease include:
* Added support for Paragraph Rules in SVG.
* Added support for Paragraph Shading in SVG.
* Critical bug fixes.


Release date: 2017-01-15

Updates/fixes include:
* Added Multi-page web format.
* Added support for lines and fills in SVG-rendered tables.
* Added scripting API.
* Added category separators to dropdown menus.
* Fixed text positioning.
* Fixed UI quirks.
* Fixed error with live tables.


Release date: 2017-01-11

Updates/fixes include:
* Fixed resources.
* Fixed saving of a blank document.


Release date: 2017-01-07

Initial release.