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I was finding that I couldn't select text in the browser window and I have found that this is because I have 'enable swipe navigation' selected on export. Is this right? is there any way around it? I'm guessing it's because there is an object over the top of the text or something.

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Swipe and text selection are mutually-exclusive. The tap detection of the swipe library interrupts any text selection. The easier way to have text selection is to turn off the swipe feature.

If you want to maintain the swipe and override this behavior, you could try modifying the following code in assets/js/in5.config.js:

excludedElements:$.fn.swipe.defaults.excludedElements+", .mejs-overlay-button, map",

So that it includes an exclusion for the <p> tag:

excludedElements:$.fn.swipe.defaults.excludedElements+", .mejs-overlay-button, map, p",

This should allow text selection, but it greatly reduces the area of your pages where a swipe will be detected.

Updated Method

This can now be done by attaching a .js file using the Resources section of the in5 (which won't have to be re-edited). The .js file should contain the following code to ignore the swipe gestures over paragraphs of text.


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