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I have completed a brochure and added my analytics google code to the output settings. I've ticked all the box's to record pretty much everything. But when looking in google analytics the information seems very brief (this is around 48hours plus after linkup).

I assume I should be seeing page clicks on each page etc. Are there any extra steps I need to do in indesign, and tags etc.

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You can use Google Analytics with in5 to track the following:

  • Pages (you can opt to use Bookmark Names)
  • Button Clicks
  • Hyperlink Clicks
  • Audio/Video Playback
  • PDF Downloads
  • Social Sharing
If you're using a UA- code instead instead of a G- code, you should know that Google Analytics 4 replaced Universal Analytics:
If you're using Google Tag Manager, it's slightly different and requires custom code.
We typically recommend that customers who want to use Google Tag Manager consult with a web developer--especially if they aren't familiar with code.
Here's more information on using Google Analytics with in5:
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