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Simple as this. I've got a brand new iMac on its way and I'm currently backing up everything. I'm such an old-school dude and pretty much like to do it by hand under a years-long well tested procedure.

The thing is that I have cancelled (should've known better beforehand) my current Adobe plan in favour of an all-new/all-apps one and since my current InDesign is no longer supported I want to backup everything prior to a fresh new install of InDesign.
So, where are my custom presets saved anywhere in the Mac? It took me long to trial&error until I got a master custom preset I absolutely need to save.

Thanks a lot!
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You can back up your in5 Export Presets when you go to in5 > Export HTML5 with in5... or go to in5 > Easy Export Wizard... and then click on the Advanced button. At the bottom of the Export HTMl5 with in5 dialog, click the Presets button. From the in5 Export Presets dialog, click the Export Presets... button, and save them to a location where you import them later. 

When you're ready to import them after you get your new computer set up, go back to the export dialog, click on Presets, click on the Export Presets... button and navigate to where you saved them.

If you mean InDesign presets as opposed to in5 presets, then I would recommend confirming with Adobe's support:

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Thanks Myra!
But I can't do that mainly bc the last time I reactivated my IN5 it was still the old version and it does not have the Wizard. I was actually waiting for this Easter to work on my new studio setup (machine, apps, plugins, etc) so an "old" IN5 pops up when invoked.

As you say, it's the IN5 stuff (presets, prefs, etc.) I want to backup.

As I commented, I already cancelled my InDesign plan and IN5 wont let me export (paid feature).
I could cross fingers and update ID for once, but I'm dreadful that in doing so it wipes out critical IN5 prefs, settings, presets, etc. hence my need for backing up that IN5 stuff prior to the update.

I think it must be –as I have seen just a few moments ago– a file called [in5_export_presets.xml] that sits in ~/library/application support/Ajar Productions but still want to be 1000% sure about that.

Thanks a lot!


The Easy Export Wizard doesn't have the Presets... button. If you were to use the Easy Export Wizard, you would need to click the Advanced button to open the Export HTML5 with in5 dialog.

From the Export HTML5 with in5 dialog, when you click the Presets... button and then click the Export Presets... button, you're presented with a Save As dialog where you determine where to save those presets. They are not automatically saved to a specific location.

If you have preferences or other InDesign presets that you'd like to save, I would recommend checking Adobe's support for backing them up.

Thanks Myra, I take good note on this.

But WHERE in the MacOS folder structure are the IN5 presets saved? I know they sit somewhere but for the life of me that I dont recall where ;)
Which presets for which features are wanting to back up?

I mean the presets you save after customizing options. 
These must be stored somewhere in the computer.

In the exmaple image (taken from the wild) theres a preset named [presentation with ive text].
Well, such preset must exist somewhere in the entire computer folder structure in the form of a file (xml, js,... whatever it is)

Thank you for adding a screenshot.
That screenshot shows the Export HTML5 with in5 dialog with saved export presets. To backup your saved presets, export them from the in5 Export Preset dialog.
Select a saved preset, then click on the Export Presets... button. You'll be prompted to save the preset to your a location of your choosing. Then you can later use the Import Presets... button to navigate to that exported preset to restore it.

I think I might have miswritten everything. I currently have may IN5 subscription also cancelled (just waiting until june or so for the recurrent project to land to switch it on again).

Hence, I no longer have access to the IN5 full features (I'm aware of the operative you kindly show in the your screen capture, thanks), and that is why I need to backup the IN5 stuff. I need to update InDesign, just not yet IN5, which is on "standby" and I dont want to subscribe just yet bc that would mean paying for something I still don't need.

I will upgrade as soon as the project starts, but not before, but that keeps me from making a safe guess of where in the Mac Os system that presets are saved (exported).

Any updates on this, please?

I only need to know in which folder are the custom presets stored. That's it. :)
I tested deactivating in5 with export presets and reactivating. The presets do reappear.

I'm checking with Justin to see if he can provide details on how you might back them up without an active subscription. I'll let you know when I get more information.
I heard back from Justin.

He said that you could create a preset from an existing file that was exported with in5. Customized settings are saved with the file. When you open an InDesign file and export, you can create a preset from that file's saved export settings.