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Hi to the Ajar team,

I represent a small design studio providing various visual formats in innovation. Building on our practice of InDesign, we saw in In5 a way to extend our offering into html-based interactive documents - quite an exciting prospect for us.

I have submitted a prototype exported from In5 to a current client's web team, and their reaction, however, hasn't been as enthused as hoped:

"It looks decent styling wise, running the html package on my local machine. However uploading it to our media library it would need more integration work from a front end developer.


There are also several issues to be fixed in order for it to comply with our standards of custom scripts. The most critical one is that 3rd party libraries must be handled via npm not as a direct script reference. I would consider this as a no go right now."


Facing this of course emphasizes the lack of coding/development skills that led us to explore In5 in the first place. Do you see these comments as something that can be addressed in our In5 document or is it just not a match, a "complete no go" as this guy says?

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Hi Louis, I'd like to hear how things ended with your client's web team. I've had similar issues convincing others to use In5 content.

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Hi Louis,

Sorry that you're dealing with this. To be honest, it sounds like someone creating an arbitrary barrier. I dealt with stuff like this when I worked at a corporation. The files produced by in5 are all client-side and standalone. They can simply be uploaded as their own package without linking to server dependencies. It literally just needs to be dropped altogether on a web server and it will work.
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Thanks Justin,

Let's see what comes out of this interaction, it is still not fully solved. I am, however, trying to become a bit more litterate in terms of what is needed for the integration of the html package, which hopefully can facilitate a bit further interactions. I guess it's also healthy to follow that path, even when one has no intention to ever become coder/developper!


Absolutely. You can see how all this works in a simple web setup in our free course on hosting.