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Hi! My client wants to load Web App installation instructions per browser, eg — Samsung Internet Browser and Microsoft Edge. They want to walk their users through step-by-step with images of those browsers.

Is this possible to do?

Many thanks in advance.
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After exporting with Output set to Multi-device Web App (iPad, iPhone, Android), look in html5_output\assets\images. You'll find the images that are used for the web installation for each of those devices. If you export with the output set to just one of those devices, then only the image for that particular device will be there.

You can replace those images with your own--just make sure they're the same name and in the same location. Your images could then include the instructions for each browser for those devices.

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Hi Myra,

Thank you very much for your response. I always replace those images with client's branded instructions — it's a nice touch. And I too suggested putting multiple instructions on the Android image. For some reason they want the ability to have one specific image appear per individual browser ‍♂️  

I shall go back to them with confirmation of my answer to them.

Thanks again for your reply. I really appreciate it. Cheers!
You're very welcome. :)

If they wanted to have separate images that appeared based on which browser is being used, you could try using custom code to detect which browser it is and then display that browser's corresponding image.

Yes, I was hoping there might be an option within in5, or a snippet of code already written within the help pages, but I can't find anything. 

I'll try and find somebody with that knowledge smiley Thank you

Sounds good. :)