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Hi. I've been testing a responsive scrolling website on Browserstack to ensure functionality across browsers and devices. I discovered that in iOS 12 or earlier, videos that auto play onPageLoad jump to the first frame immediately after playing, instead of holding on the last frame as desired. In later versions of iOS, the videos play fine and then stop on the final frame, which is what I want to happen. They only reset once you've scrolled away from the page they're on. That is expected behavior, but the jumping back to the first frame is not. Is there a way to ensure that videos will finish and stay on the last frame, or is this custom code that has to be written and appended? Thanks. MC
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Try using the in5 Video widget. With the video selected, go to the Video widget (in5 > Interactive Widgets > Video) and deselect Auto Rewind.

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Hi Myra,

Auto Rewind is already deselected for all videos. And the videos work fine in iOS after version 12. Don't even know if this is a big deal but I found the anomaly and thought I'd ask. I have no idea how many in my audience may still be using iOS 12 or less. But in case they are, I thought I might need to have some special code to append for those cases so the website doesn't appear broken for those users. Does that seem like a logical next step?




Thanks for checking the Auto Rewind setting in the in5 Video widget.

I did see that there was previously an issue if the video has a poster image set. If the video has a poster image, then after the video is finished, the poster image is applied on top on the video. Try setting the poster to None in the Media panel (Window > Interactive > Media).

Sorry to say, but the Poster Image is set to NONE on all of the videos. I'm guessing something about how video is handled was changed significantly between iOS 12 and versions thereafter, and so the behavior is different. I may ask K.O. to take a look and see if she can come up with something that will solve this. I really can't find anything else in the in5 widget or the InDesign Media panel that will let me control how video parks when it's done playing, so I think that's my only option at this point, if I want it corrected. Thanks! MC

For a workaround, you could use the End Action feature in the in5 Video widget. You would need to put the video and the final frame image in separate object states of a multi-state object. The 1st state would have the video set to autoplay, and the 2nd state would have the image. Select the video, and in the Video widget, set End Action to Go to State set to go to the 2nd state that contains the image.

I will have to try a test of that method. I'd have to make sure that all those video MSOs reset to the autoplay state once their respective page is scrolled out of view, though. But this is something to investigate. Thank you!!! MC
Sounds good. As of in5 version 3.6.1, MSOs automatically reset to the first state by default when you return to its page.