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Loving the demo of in5; it can do so much! 

After lots of 'playing', because my need is for hi-def type and text, I have opted to export using 'hi-def' options. All of the non-interactive content looks great. But when I click a button to bring up a multi-state object (also a button), the text in it is not rendered in SVG (see the attached).

Is this a limitation of the demo or should I be doing/trying something I have overlooked?

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Yes, Text Rendering as SVG is limited in demo mode.

When you export by going to in5 > Export HTML5 with in5 or by going to in5 > Easy Export Wizard and then clicking the Advanced button at the bottom which takes you to the Export HTML5 with in5 dialog, you'll see *** next to features that are limited/unavailable in demo mode. 

Here's more information: 

If you'd like to try out more features, you could purchase a monthly subscription and cancel (set the subscription to not auto-renew) at the end of the month:
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Timely and wonderful response, Myra. I had looked for an article on Demo Limitations; obviously my search skills leave much to be desired (I thought I was an ace in that dept.! ). Thank you.

As much as I am impressed with in5, I am even more impressed with the helpfulness and liveliness of the in5 team and community members. I will be buying a license for a month and then, I expect, joining the community for years to come.

Keep up the great work, one and all!

Hi Jay, Thank you for the kind words. I'm so glad I could help. :)

It's great to hear you'll be buying a license. Feel free to reach out here or by contacting us directly with any additional questions you have: