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Loving the demo of in5; it can do so much! 

After lots of 'playing', because my need is for hi-def type and text, I have opted to export using 'hi-def' options. All of the non-interactive content looks great. But when I click a button to bring up a multi-state object (also a button), the text in it is not rendered in SVG (see the attached).

Is this a limitation of the demo or should I be doing/trying something I have overlooked?

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Yes, Text Rendering as SVG is limited in demo mode.

When you export by going to in5 > Export HTML5 with in5 or by going to in5 > Easy Export Wizard and then clicking the Advanced button at the bottom which takes you to the Export HTML5 with in5 dialog, you'll see *** next to features that are limited/unavailable in demo mode. 

Here's more information: 

If you'd like to try out more features, you could purchase a monthly subscription and cancel (set the subscription to not auto-renew) at the end of the month:
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Timely and wonderful response, Myra. I had looked for an article on Demo Limitations; obviously my search skills leave much to be desired (I thought I was an ace in that dept.! ). Thank you.

As much as I am impressed with in5, I am even more impressed with the helpfulness and liveliness of the in5 team and community members. I will be buying a license for a month and then, I expect, joining the community for years to come.

Keep up the great work, one and all!

Hi Jay, Thank you for the kind words. I'm so glad I could help. :)

It's great to hear you'll be buying a license. Feel free to reach out here or by contacting us directly with any additional questions you have:

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An update on this issue, as I think it helpful to the community.

The text boxes that were not being converted to SVG still did not convert even after purchasing a Pro license. These boxes -- rounded rectangles -- had been copied, pasted and resized to accommodate different a mount of text. I did that resizing incorrectly which resulted in anchor points at the corners that changed the shape of the corner curves. For whatever reason, that was making it impossible for in5 to correctly convert them to SVG.

The solution was:

  1. Select each text box using the Direct Slection tool
  2. Select, from the menu, Object > Convert Shape > Rounded Rectangle
  3. Set the corner options to the same point size (for consistency)

Upon in5 html export of the file, the rendering was perfect.

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Hi Jay, I'm sorry that you're having trouble exporting your text as SVG.

When you exported either by going to in5 > Export HTML5 with in5... or to in5 > Easy Export Wizard... and clicking the Advanced button, did you go to the Basic section of the Export HTML5 with in5 dialog to set the Text Rendering to SVG? I ask because otherwise Text Rendering would still be set to the default Images setting.

I tested converting a text frame filled with text to a rounded rectangle and exported with Text Rendering set to SVG, and in5 did indeed export the text as SVG as it should.

There are, however, some conditions where text would render as images even if Text Rendering were set to SVG. For example:

  • The text was part of an .ai or .eps file that was placed in the InDesign layout. The web doesn't support those file formats, so they would be converted to PNGs.
  • The text frame was grouped with other content and Render Groups as Images was selected in the Advanced section of the export dialog.
  • The text frame had Object Export Options applied to rasterize it and Image Quality was set to Object Export Settings in the Advanced section of the export dialog.
If you're still having trouble getting your text to export as SVG, I'd be happy to take a look at your InDesign file. You can send it here:

Hi, Myra--

Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I'm sorry if I was unclear. I was able to resolve the issue; the steps I indicate -- selecting Object > Convert Shape > Rounded Rectangle for each of the text frames -- is what resolved it.

Hi Jay, 

Oh, no worries. And I may have misunderstood the issue. Were you having trouble exporting text as SVG files when Text Rendering was set to SVG, or were you wanting shapes to export as SVG files? in5 only converts text to SVG (it also creates a simple circle with a solid fill as SVG because that's actually smaller than a PNG).

If you want to have SVG objects in your layout, then create your objects in Illustrator, export as SVG, and place them in your InDesign layout.