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Using a Philips T-line touchscreen and the built in browser app. HTML5 output works fine on computers. Issue is with Android browser on the monitor. I have several videos set up to play on demand. The first one accessed plays fine but no others will. I can go back to the first one and it will play again too. It doesn't matter which one I choose.
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Are the videos intended to play simultaneously? If so, you can go to the in5 Video Interactive Widget (in5 > Interactive Widgets > Video) and deselect Pause Other Media During Playback.

Are the videos set to Auto Play and Mute (Allows Auto Play) in the Video widget to get around the restriction that many browsers impose to prevent autoplaying video without any user interaction?

If you're still having trouble with your videos, would you be able to send us your InDesign file or a sample file that recreates the issue to troubleshoot? You can send your files here:
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