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hello, I created a menu with a button on top of a hamburger icon that "on release or tap" sends a series of mso objects to the next state. The hamburger  turns into an x, and the buttons switch from empty to state 1. There is a button though, called PRODUCTOS that has 3 states: empty, state 1 where it shows itself, and state 2 where a sub-menu displays. So, I would like to tell hamburger button to send PRODUCTOS to empty if is is on state 1 or 2, or to send it to state 1 if it is on empty. Is there a way to do that?

At first I programed all the menu in one mso, but when the sub menu from PRODUCTOS displayed, it somehow blocked  the buttons below; so I decided to make a series of independent mso commanded by a button placed above the hamburger mso.
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Your original menu may not have worked if anything covered up the buttons.

There isn't a way to do conditional buttons in InDesign, but if I understand what you're wanting, you may be able to simulate it using multiple buttons and the Show/Hide buttons action.
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