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When I need to upload a new version of my file, I will delete the old version on my web server, and upload a new clean version. Sometimes this results in garbled images online. I tried the information from this question, but that didn't help. I'm running in5 3.8.3, and this is happening on Firefox 100.0 for mac. Also on Safari 15.4.

I can't expect my client to clear their cache everytime I reupload files. What is the solution here?

This is 3 separate elements: a line and two text boxes. They've moved completely out of place.

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Try updating to the latest version of in5 which is currently version 3.8.7 and re-exporting your content. Make sure that when you upload the newly exported files that you include the latest in5.serviceworker.js that gets exported.

If you continue to have issues with your content, would you be able to send us your html5_output to troubleshoot? You can send it here:


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