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Hello. I currently work in compliance course building. We are looking for something exactly like this, but we have to be able to export as a SCORM package for LMS systems (along with HTML for clients without a LMS). Would LOVE to see this as an option. As a designer, we are always trying to make eLearning more interesting and beautiful, but options are pretty limited. Being able to use InDesign to create something amazing would be a real game changer!
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With some JavaScript and custom coding, it's possible to convert your in5 output to SCORM. This article outlines how to go about that: https://ajar.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/26000037861-can-i-publish-using-in5-to-a-scorm-based-lms-

It's possible that in5 may include this functionality in the future, but it currently has to be done manually.
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IN5 roadmap include scrom native scorm feature?