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Im creating Google Display banners in Indesign. Each banner in 4 sizes. AND also 5 variations of the banner. So thats 20 pages, all in one document, for centralized management.

But now i learn that i have to export every page, manually and seperately. When i select multiple pages at the same time, the result is 1 document, with multiple adds combined in 1 file.

So i was wandering, if there is a more efficient way to bulk export? So 1 export and create 4 files at the same time. It would already help if i can export the 4 sizes of 1 banner, at the same time.

It would be even better if the export will provide the possibility o f exporting the 20 variations in 1 batch of course ;-)

Thanks in advance for any support.
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You can do bulk exports of Google Ads by scripting using the in5 API. The scriptable API is available with the Elite and Enterprise plans. Here's more information:

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