Script HTML5 Export from InDesign using the in5 API

Check on this new video on how automate the exporting of HTML5 from InDesign using in5’s API.

The scripting automation makes it easy to batch process large numbers of InDesign files.

You can test out the API with the free trial of in5.

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4 replies on “Script HTML5 Export from InDesign using the in5 API”

  1. Glen Saville says:

    Excellent – this could be really helpful in a busy studio 🙂

  2. Brice MARTIN says:

    i’m not familiar with batch processing :
    > is it possible to continue working with indesign software while it is working ?

    Best regards.

  3. Justin says:

    Hi Brice,

    No, InDesign scripts run “synchronously,” meaning one-item-after-the-other. You have to wait until the script is done to continue with a different action.

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