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Hi. I am trying to build a simple visual recap of a trip, which includes main section pages each containing a title and a single [slideshow] button. For each main page, I want to create a many-state MSO and make it a slideshow (via the interactive widget). Click the button and the MSO slideshow for that section should be triggered. I've tried building this, but can't get it to work. When I have the slideshow set to Autoplay, it just starts playing the slideshow without waiting for the button click. When I turn off Autoplay and set the button to go to MSO state 1, it does that but then it stops...the slideshow does not advance. Is there a way to do what I am describing, or do I have to build an "animation" sequence for each set of slides for each main section page? I was hoping to use the slideshow widget to speed up the build, but that may not be the answer. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks!
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In the Slideshow interactive widget, deselect Auto Play and select Tap to Play/Pause. Now when the user goes to the page, the slideshow won't automatically be playing, but when they click on the slideshow, it will play through all of the object states.

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Apparently, the key to making this work is to have the [slideshow] button take you to a new page to start the slide show, not try to keep it on the same page as the button. That seems to work well. And, I've learned (and you corroborated) that when selecting the MSO slideshow settings, you can not have BOTH Swipe to Change Images and Tap to Play/Pause enabled. They conflict with each other, so you can only choose one of those settings. I have this working now with Autoplay upon page load, with Tap to Play/Pause enabled so the viewer can stop and look at an image longer and then resume. Thanks for your note above and for the links, which I'll copy here as well:

And a button isn't necessary. You can apply both Autoplay and Tap/To Play/Pause directly to the MSO using the Slideshow interactive widget. 
  • If you set the MSO with the Slideshow interactive widget to both Autoplay and Tap to Play/Pause, then the slideshow will play automatically and toggle between pausing and playing when clicked.
  • If you set the MSO with the Slideshow interactive widget to only Tap to Play/Pause, then the slideshow will not start playing when you go to the page, but it will toggle between playing and pausing when clicked.