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I have tried everything and can't seem to make in5 stop exporting live type with "letter-spacing: -0.25px" applied to all text. Is this a common behavior or is it something I'm missing in the export settings somewhere?
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Do you have leading applied to the text in InDesign?
HI Justin, yes I do have leading applied.

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Remove the tracking setting in InDesign and it will remove that CSS in the output.
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Can you remove leading? On a blank page, I added a text box, filled it with type, made the type Arial and set the "leading" to auto - you have to at least have it set to auto. But with the text set to auto, you still have leading applied, it's just based on the size of your type and InDesign picks the value. Do you mean tracking?
Yep, sorry. Meant "tracking."

You're right. My guess is that we added that to make the default letter spacing in the output closer to how it appears by default in InDesign.

This can be overwritten by adding a CSS Resource file with the following:

body { letter-spacing:0px; }