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I have a hosting account with inMotion, but my website is currently pointed to SquareSpace. I offer a subscription digital magazine behind a member paywall (via MemberSpace). The magazine has previously been pdf. Now that I’m using in5, do you know if I can upload that to my SquareSpace site? I haven’t been able to see how. If I upload using ftp to my inMotion account and then link to it, I don’t know if that will be behind the paywall. Maybe I need to create an additional site/landing page to hold this content? MemberSpace does allow 2 websites under one account. Thanks for your help.
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Typically, your HTML files would need to be hosted and then displayed on your Squarespace site via iframe. I'm not familiar with MemberSpace, but it sounds like you could host a second site where the HTML content is... then either point to that on the Squarespace-created site or integrate with an iframe. It sounds like both would be protected behind the paywall.
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Thank you! I'll try this.

Please keep us posted and reach out to support@ajarproductions.com if you need any more assistance.