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We currently produce iPad apps for a client using Indesign CC on Mac and Windows 10.

I would like to ask the following questions please;

  • Is there a way for a user to 'download' the entire web app/ipad app completely to their ipad without having to have a live internet connection and webserver hosting the content? I don't think 'caching' the content would work for our intended usage. 
  • If so, could this download also contain video which is used in the project - again avoiding the use of a web server?
  • We currently produce 'horizontal' and 'vertical' versions of the iPad app. Will your system support this within the web app/ipad app project?
  • We also use specific fonts in the projects in line with the clients' corporate ID. Would we need to use web fonts for this and how are fonts handled when creating an app for an iPad? How would this affect a local download?

Many thanks.

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You might want to have a look at using in5 with a sales enablement platform:
How do I privately distribute apps to my salespeople?

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Thanks for your help Myra.

Unfortunately the apps we are producing have to be very tightly branded and laid out to meet our clients corporate id. Therefore, I don't think the Salesforce enablement would work for us.

Given this, is there any way to do what we've listed in our question with Indesign and in5?

Thanks again.
A sales enablement platform is not related to Salesforce. You could choose from the following platforms to create a tightly branded app with your client's corporate id:
• Showpad
• Vablet
• Mobile Locker
• Accent
• iPresent
Maybe this video will help:
Thanks Myra - slightly confused as this video shows how to create a self running slideshow.

What we are creating are iPad apps which were currently being designed with InDesign, using Twixl Publisher and submitted to the Appstore.

The issue we (and others) are facing is that Apple is rejecting apps which are what they term as 'marketing material'.

Therefore, we were hoping to emulate what we are doing currently but using in5 and bypassing Apple and the AppStore. What we need to do is offer users a solution where they can 'download' the app (we were thinking of it being a Web App) to run locally on their iPads but with it looking and functioning like an 'app'.
If your users can use an internet connection, then you can make a web app with in5 and bypass the App Store. The content will need to be hosted on a web server:

You can enable offline caching and increase the offline cache to some extent, but file size with video could be an issue:

Please check out this video:
Get Designs to Your Sales Team's Devices (iPads, etc) - Webinar with Vablet & in5:
Thanks Myra

Requiring an internet connection is not going to be an option for this client (I wish it was!)

Caching also isn't going to be reliable enough unfortunately.

I was just looking at this video. It seems as though Vablet is a repository for information which can be distributed to multiple users.

I think my question is can I put together a .zip file (or other format) using in5 containing the Web App and have the users download this with all content stored within this zip file,? Would this mean all content could be download and opened to run locally without an internet connection on the iPad - including any videos we would use and link with relative links to the directory structure for the project?

Finally, would this 'open' like an app (full screen with no browser bars), or would it open in a browser such as Safari running on the iPad?

Thanks again for your help.
The problem is that even if you transfer the web app as a zip file with something like iCloud drive, when you unzip it, you still have an HTML file and an assets file. It's very hard to open an HTML file on an iPad--the iPad is designed to not let you open local HTML files and connect to the assets needed to render your content.
It sounds as though in5 is creating a progressive web app with a manifest file which includes all the assets to be cached (or something similar). This would explain why this cache can only include a small amount of video to the limit of a cached file of this type in Safari.

If I could somehow persuade our client to use an internet connection for video, would in5 still cache other media and then use the absolute link to video assets hosted in Youtube for example?

Yes, you could cache some media and link to a YouTube video in a web app.

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I am looking for a similar answer as you but will share that I work for a museum and up until now, we've used an app called kioskpro with great success. It allows local file storage which is what you are essentially looking for. We are looking for a different solution this go around becuase the app I just made with in5 doesn't work correctly in the kioskpro but all other projects for 5 plus years haven't had an issue.

We are also testing local files on an android tablet with an app called fullykiosk that seems to be working so far as well.
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Thank you very much - I'll take a look at kioskprop.
@vmhjess, If you want to get in touch about what didn't work between KioskPro and in5, we'd be happy to take a look. We want this to continue to be an option for you.