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I want to use a background image for a page, not for the whole document
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Not without customizing the output.

However, if you're comfortable writing custom CSS, it could be done.
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Thank you. I'm not an expert in CSS and I've trying everything but with no luck. Do you know how to do it? That would be very helpful.
You have to attach the images as a Resource folder, then attach a .css file with rules for each page, e.g.,



If that's outside your comfort zone, I would suggest connecting with a web developer. I'd be happy to recommend one. It shouldn't take them more than an hour or so.
Thank you but I tried every option with css and nothing worked. This one could be a solution but it’s not working. Have you tried it?
I have not yet. My code might even be wrong. It's just a starting point. This is not a supported feature, so that's why I would recommend contracting a web developer.