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I have just watched the marinus scrolling website created with InDesign & in5 vidéo on You Tube.
I would to like to know how to make the hamburger menu stays "floating" in the same place (left up corner) while scrolling ?

Thanks for your help
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This feature was added in v3.7 and is found under in5 > Interactive Widgets > Fixed Position Element.


The Menu Builder (in5 > Build Wizards) can be used to easily create a hamburger (compact) menu.

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Hi Justin,

Has this been resolved by an update? I am having problems with pinning a mobile menu to the top right of my document.

Hi, I've updated the answer above. This feature does exist now. It can be used to pin an item to the top right of the browser window. If you use Desktop Scaling set to Fit to Width, the browser window and the document will share the same upper right corner.

Hope that helps!