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Hi, I think I've noticed a bug with the previous and next arrow buttons.

When click through to the last page of an exported piece using the 'next' arrow (with more than two pages), and then click the 'previous' arrow button, the 'next' arrow button does not appear (i.e. it stays as display:none), meaning we can't get from the second-to-last page to the last page, without going back to the third-to-last page and then going forwards from there.

Can you replicate this behaviour and confirm it's a bug, or are we doing something wrong in the output?

Using Adobe InDesign CC 2019, in5 version Current Version: 3.4.1

Many thanks
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I can confirm I get the same behavior. Thank you, I will share with Justin.
I'm able to replicate it as well. I'll work on fixing the issue.
I've got a fix for this ready for the next update. Let me know if you need it urgently and I can send you custom javascript.

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v3.5 is available should fix the issue that you reported in this thread:
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