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Hi Justin

I'm in the very early stages of researching how to distribute in5 output as a simple ipad webapp, which is something I think a lot of your users will want to do.

As part of this I know I will be adding supplementary code to the in5 output to enable this, and would like to avoid having to add this manually every time I output as part of the dev cycle.


1. The ability to store a custom code block in the in5 export dialog which then appears within the "<head>" section of the outputted in5 html files e.g  The META tags that set viewport and scaling, specify webapp in mobile safari and set an app icon/custom loading screen graphic, and the links to those graphics.

2. The ability to likewise store some custom CSS in the export dialog which will be output as additional code in pages.css (e.g. @font-face declaration for google webfonts).

Is this a worthwhile feature request? Or a bit too specific for your user-base??


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@cja17 These are fantastic feature requests. Web App export (along with the settings you mentioned) is high on our upcoming features list.

We've also be looking at Google Fonts integration (but that's a little bit further out at the moment).

Thanks for posting!

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These features are presently available with in5.
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