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1. CSS navigation - adding links

Is there a possibility to add custome navigation made with css to navigate through the app exported using in5?

I have a menu in css and I would love to add it to the app I am building with InDesign and in5. I can figure out how to add this menu (iframe will work I hope) How to add links to the pages in the custom css code?

2. html5 and js animations - adding links

Also, I have some animations created in html5 and js and I will be adding them using iframes. In these animations I  have buttons that I need to link to specified place in the app - a  page for example. How can I add such link (ie. what is html address of a page generated by in5)?

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1. Yes.

2. Yes.

Custom CSS and JS (and HTML) can be added using the Resources section of the in5 dialog.

You may find this video helpful: Advanced: Creating a Custom Menu using the Resources section within in5

You can navigate to any page in the document by calling the following JavaScript (where n is the number of the page that you would like to navigate to):


If you're targeting the navigation from inside another frame, you'll have to make sure that you're targeting the in5 frame. For instance, to navigate to page 1 from inside an iframe that is nested inside of the in5 content (and the in5 content is in the main window), you would use:


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