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keep the original asset image file name on export

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Hello support team,

i got an indesign file with images (png) and referenced indesign files in it.
After export to HTML, the asset names in output folder are sometimes overwritten with a generic name "item_{item-id}". This is not very useful, because you lose any reference to the original file.
The integrated Indesign HTML export retains the original object name when exporting.
Is there a workaround or setting for this problem to keep the original file name?


Thank you in advance!

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asked 5 days ago in bugs by mhehle (120 points)
edited 5 days ago by mhehle
it seems, only embedded indesign file is affected by renaming.

1 Answer

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Setting Image Quality to Use Source Image (or selecting the corresponding options in the Object Export settings) will retain the file name in most cases.

More info:

answered 5 days ago by justin (142,190 points)