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Is it possible to use In5 to export an InDesign Book?

I can see the option to export as HTML5 from the dropdown menu if I am working on a single file, but once I have created all our articles into a book, there seems to be no option in the book menu to export as HTML5...
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Exporting a book is not currently available.
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Is there any time frame, where this will be implemented. Read somewhere else that it was on the drawingboard.
Im making a complete magazine and my mac is dying trying to handle all the pages in one indesign doc...
Alternativ could be a guide on how to merge many IN5 exportet files together :)
As i wrote, i have merged all my pages into one indesign document. But my mac or indesign cs6, has problems handling a document that huge... (2,8Ghz i7 with 8gb ram)
simple tasks take forever. So the book thing could be a big help.
How large is the document?
Around 280mb.. i have downscaled all images to 72dpi jpg non retina..

Theres alot of pages, objectstates and images...
How many pages?
40 pages in different lengths. But some pages have an opbjectstate with up to 30 pages inside...

I actually managed to export the complete magazine :) it took around 20 hours.

So the problem isn't in5... But indesign and my processor power when navigating around the document!
iMac - 2,8Ghz - i7 with 8gb ram...
I see. The only alternative I can think of is to export each doc separately into subfolders and create a TOC doc that links to each chapter.
Thanks for the reply. Maby that could work, ill look into! :)
After updating to 2.3 and scaling all images to 100% jpg/png in photoshop. The processing of the book takes aporx 10 min... And ther is no problem editing the large document. So nice! :)
Glad to hear it!
maybe is it now possible? :D
Not at this time. The documents have to be combined into one before exporting.