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is there a way to export to windows tablet web app, or use one of the available options to produce a windows web app?

Does the Multi-device web app work for windows?

thank you.
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No. The Web App export is for iOS and Android.

It looks like a Windows "Web App" is a completely different beast.

You can convert in5 convent to a Windows Web App using the following process:

(I believe that's to make an app for the Windows Store, though).
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I used Windows app studio to convert my in5 web export to a windows hosted web app... and it works! The caching also works.

But... I can't make work the Swipping... Any ideas?
Please, that would be a great help...

Does the swiping work when the HTML is viewed directly in the browser?
I finally made it work OK with touch, you have to add to the css:
touch-action: none;

All OK with windows 10...now I am fighting with windows 8.1, there is a more complicated procedure there...

Justin, I think you could use this info to describe the process for in5 exporting to windows hosted app. I even think you could produce the app manifest... but windows app studio does that automatically anyway.

Thanks for the details! Interesting stuff. Keep me posted on how it goes.