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Why does 2 column text export with drop shadow

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I have a text box in an object state. That text box has an object style. The style contains a shadw on the object, not the text. When I export using in5, the shadow is also being applied to the text. When testing, if I remove the shadow from the object style completely, it also removes it from the text. Please download a screen shot of my html next to the original indesign.


asked Mar 13 in bugs by jcfalteredimage (170 points)
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I'd be happy to investigate.

Which text rendering setting are you using and could you send me a 1-page IDML file to test?
Text Rendering Setting: Images (preserves exact appearance)

Although this is the case during our testing phase, I do hope once we purchase the plugin that we can switch to HTML with local font embedding. Will that change the output?

You can download a sample at:
Thanks for including the file.

If you try exporting with HTML local fallback and you don't see the issue in the demo, you won't see it with HTML local embedding in the licensed version.

I will take a look either way, because this sounds like a bug that should be resolved.
I exported out with local fallback and that did resolve the shadow issue. BUT, our document was rescaled using liquid layouts, and when I export as local fallback, I noticed that the fonts were huge (probably set to the original scale). I am assuming this is a different issue now?
Yes, HTML fonts should not scale with Liquid Layout.

I'll take a look at that as well.

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