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indd 2014 or 2015 always crash after in5 export (win 10)
I tried the solution : http://www.tech4pub.com/2012/10/10/indesign-tip-reset-preferences-to-improve-performance/, but the crashes continue.

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You can also try saving your document to an IDML then back to INDD. This can resolve issues within the file itself.

Update: According to the comment below this may have been related to antivirus (GDATA TOTAL SECURITY) software. When deactivated, the crashing stops.

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I have tried this solution too, but without success.
I found another :
(1) Go to the Programs and Features control panel within Windows.
(2) Find and select the entry Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable (x64).
(3) Right click and select Change (not Uninstall!).
(4) When the dialog box comes up, select Repair.
(5) When completed, you may be prompted to reboot your system.
(6) Run InDesign and validate whether this fixes the problem.
It seems to work with Indesign 2014, but not 2015 (I repaired all Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable files).
I can open Indesign 2015 but the crash occurs when I try to export my appli with in5: after this first crash, Indesign 2015 always crashes on startup and I can no more reopen the program.
Sorry, but indd 2014 crashes after several exports with in5!
So frustrating! I'm sorry to hear that.

Since it's not happening with other in5 Windows installations, I'm suspicious that it is an issue specific to InDesign.

The in5 export dialog doesn't trigger anything that should crash InDesign, unless there is any issue with InDesign loading the scripting platform.

Is it possible to try a fresh install of InDesign?

You may also want to contact Adobe to see if they have a fix.
Note that there's a recent CC 2015 update that reads:
"fixed bugs and crashes discovered after we released InDesign CC 2015 (2015.4)"

Maybe that update would help...?
I work with a fresh install of InDesign (2015.4).
This morning I tried again In5 exports : Indesign crashed after five successes.
I prefer to stay working with Adobe Edge for my current project (which seemed to me an excellent application for in5): I can trust Indd.
But it's of course very frustrating: I think I will never get to use in5!
Last minute! solved? It seems there is a conflict with my antivirus (GDATA TOTAL SECURITY): when I deactivate it, I can do multiple exports with in5 without any crash (I am keeping my fingers crossed!).
Wow! Glad you figured it out!