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Hey Justin,

I have created "name web-app" from IN5 and load it on iPad home screen. (add to home screen button in mobile safari).
This "name web-app" open in "fullScreen" mode with tapping icon... So far so good.

Now, I have my website open in mobile safari and want to open my "name web-app" by clicking on button.

(Button contains "href= URLneme web-app"), but iOS open link in safari, not as homeScreen stored fullScreen web-app.

Is there any JS command, to launch "IN5 web-app" that was previouselu stored as "home screen -> name web-app" in fullscreen (not in safari)?

Thanks, Klemen Lavrih

Note: "name web-app" is not a native "Apple app", but website (web-app) stored on home screen.
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To my knowledge, there is no way to launch a Web App from a web link.
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