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I've built a simple InDesign file to test Show/Hide behavior with buttons and can't get it to work.

Step 1) I built a trigger object [a text box with a question] on layer 1, turned it into a button with an "On Click" event set to Show (Show/Hide) an overlapping object on layer 2. "On release" was also set to Hide  (Show/Hide) the overlapping object on layer 2.

Step 2) Next, I built the overlapping object [a text box with an answer] on layer 2, turned it into a button with "Hidden Until Triggered" set to yes.

I tested this file as an interactive PDF, successfully. When the "question" text was clicked, the "answer" text on layer 2 "replaced" the old text by becoming visible and overlapping the question text on layer 1.

When I exported this same file to HTML5, only the layer 2 "answer" text is visible, and nothing is clickable. Is there a step/detail/workflow difference that I'm missing? Or is this a Click button behavior that isn't yet supported?
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Is there a magic to setting this up correctly? In InDesign I have a "hidden" element in a layer directly ABOVE the "visible" layer, when I click the trigger element, the hidden layer should reveal. That's how it works in an interactive PDF. In the exported in5 file, however, the "hidden" top layer is what you see first,and when you click the trigger, the hidden layer hides to reveal the base "visible" layer. Essentially the reverse of the behavior I'd like. I can't reorder the layers, because then the hidden layer will be obscured by the visible layer. Is this a bug or is there a special workflow that I'm missing? Advanced / Show Hidden Layers is checked.

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I saw your update this morning, THANK YOU!
You're welcome! We're very happy to add this feature. Hope it helps on your projects!
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in5 doesn't yet support this feature, but it's high on our list.

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Thanks! I'll be looking forward to that update!
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Hide/show actions is very welcome!
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