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I am using CC2015 and I want to make and use a very simpel e-mail form. How can I do that?
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You can create a hyperlink to an email address, but creating a working form would require address scripting and a server-side script (e.g., PHP).

Alternatively, you could email html from an outside service that would the server-side code, e.g.:

Or, try embedding this code:
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Thanks for the very quick answer. I found the techrepublic code as well, but how and where do I embed this code?
Thanks again....
No problem.

You can insert the code using Object > Insert HTML... in InDesign.
Sure.... stupid...
But, the following fields appear on the tryout website:
Name, E-mail - both correct
Comment: with </p> and <p> in the field. And no submit button!!
Ideas? I only need on a temperorarly site completely made with In5 a very simple e-mail form.....
Thanks again
Can you send me a link to the site?