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Hello guys,


I want to jump to a specific object when pushing a button.

When I export the InDesign file to html5 with In5 and ┬┤leave the page format at Continous scroll I can jump an object using the follwing line:

$('html, body').scrollTop($("#item7456").offset().top, 2000);

When I set the page format to slider this line does not work anymore.

Can you give a hind for a workaround.



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Hi Stephen,

With the Slider, you need to use the navigation of the Slider to get to the page first. Your code would need to look more like this:

var parentPageIndex = $("#item7456").parents('.page').index();
$(document).one('newPage', function(){
    $('html, body').scrollTop($("#item7456").offset().top, 2000);

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Thanks again Justin! You are the man!