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I have created a one page scroll site with In5 + additional coding which you can see here:


Inside this page, there are a few red circular price buttons (an animated pointer cursor appears next to these buttons) which have a click function written in indesign, where the red button fades out rotating onclick. now this works nicely. However, If i click the button again, it will not animate back to the red button state, but only play the animaton again.
How can I make kind of a toggle between these buttons onclick?
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I think you want an invisible button which becomes visible on the first click, and when clicked, triggers a "reverse" animation of the original object (as applied in the Buttons and Forms Panel).
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either that or a visible button that becomes invisible on click and visible again if I click again. Like a visibility toggle. how can I chieve that? I do not really understand your answer.
Check out the tutorial on creating a toggle button for something similar: https://ajarproductions.com/pages/products/in5/demos.php#creating-a-toggle-to-showhide-items