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Swiping to the next page is not feeling very natural. The dragging of the page under your finger (as we learned it from iOS) is missing. Please use JS, that allows that native look and feel. We had good experiences with hammer.js and can recommend it very much.

Demo: http://eightmedia.github.io/hammer.js/examples/carousel.html

If you don't have plans on doing that, please tell us with which export settings the touchswipe.js can be replaced with hammer.js.
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Why not just turn off the Swipe and use the Continuous Scroll format?

That uses the browser's native scrolling, instead of JavaScript.

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Scrolling is not what I am looking for.

Please look at the hammer.js sample (or any iOS app, iOS homescreen, DPS publication) and compare the page transition with what in5 offers.

I'm talking about swiping, but with the connected feel of a layout that moves under your finger, not just an automated page transition that starts with a swipe gesture.
Currently, that's not how the Slider is built. It's either on a page or it's not. We might be able to update this, but it would be a ways into the future.
I don't understand what you mean by "It's either on a page or it's not.". The structure doesn't seem to be very different to me. That's why even for me (not very development experienced) it was no problem to integrate hammer.js in an in5 layout.

Please have a look at this quick and dirty work:

Justin? Still there?
You talk about pages transitions and I have a question about this : will it be possible in the future having a page transition without any animation effect ? In my opinion, it would be more natural.
No transitions more natural? Funny how different opinions can be.

We work a lot with Adobe DPS where slideshows have no transitions. Nearly all of our clients don't like that because it doesn't feel natural. :) Therefore we do our slideshows with HTML.

If in5 would support the kind of transitions I requested, we could create the slideshows for our DPS projects with in5. That would save us a lot of work.
In almost all web sites I visited, links between pages don't have any transition effect (except slideshows and hovers. When you click a link, the next page comes without effect and the background usually don't move or fade in/out).
Ah, you mean the transition when clicking a link? You're right, there doesn't need to be a transition.

I was talking about swiping from one page to another on touch devices.
Yes it's a bit weird having a transition when clicking a link, and there's is no option to do it with in5.
It looks the the hammer implementation could be accomplished by attaching the JS and CSS using the Resources section. Or am I missing something?
Looks like it could. But as I said, I'm not a developer and how exactly it has to be configured for it to work fully (in my demo swiping worked, but interactions were broken), I don't know. There I would need your help.

With this and with presets available for saving those options, in5 could export everything the way we need to and I would be very happy. :)
It sounds like it might be a good idea to hire a developer to produce CSS and JavaScript files that you can reuse by attaching them as Resources.
I confirm, it would be a great idea !
I'm still convinced that iOS like page transitions by default would make in5 a better product. I would only try to achieve that over Resources, because you don't seem to be willing to look into that.

And as long, as I don't know that what I'm trying to achieve is even possible, I certainly won't hire someone. "Looks like..." is not a very good base for starting something like this.
I think this is an interesting suggestion and I'm glad you're making requests. I just want to be clear that this item is not currently high on our list.

I understand your hesitance to hire a developer. I'm quite confident that a good web designer could achieve the desired functionality for you.