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Hi, I am running InDesign 2023 to create a responsive 11 page document.

Previously I have been able to open and export this, and various language versions of the same document without any issues. Now, however:

1. When I open InDesign, the 'tour.html' doc opens. This has a tendency to crash InDesign on its own.

2. When I relaunch InDesign and get my document open, all appears fine. Then, when I go through the export options (responsive layout, use source images, fill width etc...) and hit OK, InDesign pauses momentarily and then crashes.

I have also tried saving the InDesign file as IDML, resaving and exporting - just in case there is any minor corruption to the file, but this doesn't fix the issue either.
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I'm sorry that InDesign is crashing.

I'd recommend the following:

  • Reset your preferences - this approach often fixes several crashing issues with InDesign.

    Quick reset: Launch or re-launch InDesign, and as the program launches immediately hold down the CTL+OPT+CMD+Shift keys on Mac (or CTL+ALT+Shift on Windows), until InDesign asks you if you want to reset the preferences. Click yes to reset.
  • Move pages - Minor corruption can be fixed by starting with the IDML file (which you tried), so for more deeply corrupt files, you can do the following:
  1. Create a new document.
  2. Move the Parent pages from the original document to the new document via the Pages panel menu.
  3. Move the document pages from the original document to the new document also via the Pages panel menu.
  4. In the new document, delete the blank page that was created.
I hope that helps. If you're still having trouble, I'd be happy to take a look at your file. You can send your InDesign file here:

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