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Contrary to what others have reported I find the images to be way too big for web rendering. Even iPad 3 takes quite a bit of time to load fullpage pngs (about 1.5-2 MB for 1004 x 768 px photo) in HTML content. High quality jpgs are much much faster and should be provided as an option.

Another issue is retina support. Ideally, I would like to produce two versions of content – one std, one retina – to serve different content via Baker-like app depending on user's display resolution. It seems hard to achieve retina support now with in5. It should not be too hard to export images at 144 dpi and include them in CSS (or better yet create separate retina and std versions).
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I agree. in5 team- what do you think about letting in5 apply the same settings as object export options - epub and html options. It would be just perfect if default was .png but different when object export options are applied to an element.

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A future version of in5 will support the object export settings (as well as a few other options).

Update: This is now supported.

In the Advanced section of the in5 dialog, there is an HD setting (among others) that will output a higher resolution for retina displays.

More info: How to Control Image Quality


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Hi, do you have an ETA for the settings of exported images? Will it support retina output for text rendering as images?
Yes, HD for retina will be an option. These features (along with others) are due out in version 2, in the next 1-2 months.